Molecules of Freedom

Freedom Gas


And you thought “Freedom Fries” was ridiculous.

Back when we invaded Iraq and France thought it was a bad idea, conservatives initiated an I-Hate-France-And-All-Things-French campaign, forgetting that without France, we wouldn’t have won the American Revolution against our English overlords.

I never heard the term “frog” for the French until the Iraq war. Maybe I was sheltered. What I did start hearing though was “freedom fries” because we Americans are too fat to stop eating french fries but so stupid, that we had to rename them to consume them. It’s bad enough that the majority of us pour ketchup on the delicious creation. I’m just surprised we didn’t start referring to french toast as “freedom toast.” Keep in mind, this is a nation that insulted French people everywhere when we took the croissant and made the croissan’wich, which I have to admit, is delicious.

What happened then was that two House Republicans made the congressional cafeteria take “french fries” off the menu and relabel them “freedom fries.” They changed it back in 2006, about the time everyone except John Bolton realized France was right about the war in Iraq.

Now, a Department of Energy press release has referred to exporting natural gas from the U.S. as “spreading freedom gas throughout the world.” Another official from the same department, headed by Texan Rick Perry, used the term “molecules of US freedom.” No, none of this was from The Onion.

All of this is from the administration that refers to dirty coal as “clean coal.” There is no such thing as clean coal. The Trump administration and conservatives have waged a war on science. To confront climate change, first, we have to acknowledge its existence. Second, we need to stop glorifying fossil fuels that are destroying the planet.

I don’t believe we should be referring to an export from the U.S. as “freedom gas.” It only reminds the world that for the past two years, we’ve been exporting racist, stupid policies from a racist gasbag.

Creative note: The bulk of the coloring for this cartoon was done in a car on Interstate 95.

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