Mizzou Hunger Strike

Politically-Correct Wussies


Every time conservatives moan about political correctness someone like Ben Carson comes along and says liberal speech at public universities should be eliminated. The Right says people shouldn’t be so sensitive about the Confederate flag or racist insults but they get all butt hurt if you say “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas.” What’s up with that?

The University of Missouri has been experiencing problems for a while regarding race relations. Some say decades and black students don’t feel welcome on campus unless they’re athletes. Several African-American students have experienced people yelling racist slurs at them, vandalism and someone recently hung a Swastika drawn with feces in a dormitory bathroom. Swastikas are pretty ugly, intimidating and threatening alone so I don’t see why the offenders felt they needed the addition of feces to get attention. Maybe they just had a lot of crap laying around they didn’t know what to do with.

The students have been asking the university to address the issue for a long time to no avail. The president of the university had been tone deaf to the situation. Eventually minority students got so fed up they demanded the president to resign. You would think they would have had his attention at poop Swastika.

One graduate student decided to address the situation by going on a hunger strike. That didn’t faze the president. He was confronted at a parade by students and he remained silent. Finally minority students on the football team vowed they wouldn’t play again until the president resigned. Forfeiting football games would cost the university millions of dollars. Guess what finally got the university’s administration’s attention? Yup. The threat of forfeited football games.

Conservatives are freaking out in anger. Ben Shapiro of Breitbart says the president was only guilty of being white. A contributor to RedState.com says the protesters are “cowardly liberal lazy douchebags.” Rush Limbaugh says it’s the end of college football as we know it.

Glenn Beck said that universities who face these kinds of student uprisings are only getting “what they deserve. They have fostered a culture of entitlement among minority students, he said, and now those students have become “unhinged.”

A University of Missouri Republican student group is apologizing for a tweet likening students protesting the school’s handling of racial issues with Islamic extremism. The group later deleted the tweet and apologized. Republicans start the crazy racist stuff while young.

It seems the people who bemoan political correctness in regards to racist slurs are mostly white. There’s a thing about political correctness. It does infringe on free speech too much when it oppresses unpopular viewpoints and things people just don’t like to hear. But it’s not being PC to refrain from racism. That’s just being a decent person and not so much a racist jerk.

These people complaining were silent regarding racism. They only got upset when concerns over racist incidents were finally addressed.

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