Win Some, Lose Some

It’s a great time to be a white nationalist terrorist in the United States. The greatest terrorism threat in this nation today comes from white nationalists…you know, racists. The fact Republicans argue about this and deny it’s true tells you a lot about Republicans. The results of the Michigan trial are also revealing.

Despite being the greatest terror threat in this nation, white racist terrorists have almost as good of a chance of escaping prosecution as cops do for shooting unarmed black people. Even Will Smith is receiving more punishment for slapping Chris Rock than these white nationalists are getting for trying to kidnap a governor. It’s easier in this nation to prosecute a black guy for falsely claiming he’s a victim of a hate crime than it is to prosecute white perpetrators of actual hate crimes. And between real hate crimes and fake hate crimes, guess which one Fox News talks the most about.

In 2020, racist militia goons in Michigan planned to kidnap that state’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer. They were upset over the state’s face mask mandates, social distancing, and closure of businesses. They believed kidnapping her would be a great rallying cry for MAGA and COVID deniers, and maybe even touch off a civil war. They were trying to overthrow the state government, which hate groups would later try with the federal government.

The FBI infiltrated their hate group, the Wolverine Watchmen, which has ties to the racist Boogaloo Boys. During the trial of four racist militia goons involved in the plot, federal prosecutors played audio recordings and displayed encrypted texts of the racist gangsters griping about Covid-19 restrictions, discussing political violence, and debating the best way to kidnap Whitmer from her vacation home in northern Michigan, which would include exploding a bridge. Some of the debate was over how to take out her security detail. There was also talk of murdering her and conducting a bombing campaign with “cupcakes” across Michigan.

The defense used that evidence as proof the FBI entrapped the racist goons, who started investigating the militia AFTER they had made social media posts about their plans and were informed of the plot by one of the members. How dare the FBI spy on terrorists. It’s the same argument Republicans used against the FBI for investigating suspected Russian spies. The defense claimed the men were big talkers who’d never act on their words. Yeah, they were big talkers without any actual plans of violence, though they had built a “fake house” with PCV tubing they referred to as the “kill house,” attempted to build an improvised explosive device (IED), were conducting exercises for the planned kidnapping, were surveilling her vacation home, and one of them purchased over $4,000 in weapons and surveillance equipment, including night-vision goggles to stake out Whitmer’s vacation home. But yeah, they were all talk.

Basically, militia goons talk about kidnapping a governor and it’s just words. Jimmy Kimmel jokes about Will Smith slapping Marjorie Taylor Greene and she calls the cops.

The jury bought it. They acquitted two of the goons and deadlocked on two others. There are still several more facing trials in state and federal courts. This isn’t over, though two are definitely walking free. The entrapment defense will continue to be used even though the militia racists were plotting the attack before the FBI got wind of it.

Republican logic is that Donald Trump did not incite the attack of the Capitol even though he tweeted for his white nationalists to come to Washington on January 6 (“It’s gonna be wild”) and threw a pep rally for them, but the FBI investigating AFTER racist fuckers start plotting is entrapment.

This is a big letdown for the Justice Department. How can you prosecute terrorists if juries don’t think white terrorism is a big deal? We watched a jury let Kyle Rittenhouse walk after shooting three people on a school night and now this. Several of the Wolverine Watchmen made social media posts supporting Rittenhouse and the St. Louis aficionados of mustard-stained shirts and pointing guns at black people walking on sidewalks.

Republicans believe a white minor should be allowed to take an assault rifle to a Black Lives Matter protest in another state to defend himself, that whites should be free to point guns at scary black people if they walk in front of their homes on sidewalks, white nationalist militias can plot to kidnap a governor and overthrow the state government, and Republican presidential campaigns can invite Russians into their HQs to provide dirt on their Democratic opponents. And Donald Trump was just joking when he said, “Russia, if you’re listening.”

Yesterday, a MAGAt was cheering about this trial on my YouTube channel. I even got a message to my Facebook fan page from an incel-looking guy from Michigan, and he posted a picture of one of my cartoons in the Detroit Metro Times and wrote about “baseless CIA talking points.”

Republicans cheering this outcome show they are in support of white nationalist terrorists. This kidnapping plot was a Republican plot. It was to benefit Republicans. Don’t forget that Donald Trump, while he was president (sic), was cheering on these goons when they were protesting to “liberate Michigan.” And now, Republicans are going to cheer that two of these men plotting to kidnap a Democratic governor in this nation are walking free. This is not new for Republicans as they also cheered on the white nationalist terrorist insurrection at the Capitol. They’ve defended these guys saying it wasn’t a coup, it wasn’t a terrorist attack, and they were just tourists who like to shit on floors of government buildings they entered by climbing through broken windows and over wounded cops.

Republicans love racist white nationalist terrorists so much that they take their side over the police who were defending the Republicans from racist white nationalist terrorists. They vote against giving those cops medals but call them when Jimmy Kimmel insults them.

Don’t let it escape you that when Republicans are cheering this “win,” the win was for terrorists.

Saying white nationalists are the greatest domestic threat in this nation is the same as saying Republicans are the greatest threat to this nation.

Music note: Today’s drawing music was the album “Live Through This” by Hole.

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Remember when that underage terrorist twerp Kyle Rittenhouse went across state lines to shoot at people protesting for racial justice in Kenosha, Wisconsin and ended up killing two of them? He just made bail. You may be asking yourself, “How did an unemployed 16-year-old right-wing militia wannabe terrorist come up with $2 million for bail?”. You can thank the MyPillow guy and actor Ricky Schroder.

Rittenhouse’s lawyer tweeted, “KYLE RITTENHOUSE IS OUT OF JAIL! God bless ALL who donated to help #FightBack raise required $2M cash bail. Special thanks to Actor Ricky Schroder @rickyshroder1 & Mike Lindell @realMikeLindell for putting us over the top. Kyle is SAFE. Thanks to ALL who helped this boy.”

I know all this time you’ve been as concerned as I have about the safety of Kyle Motherfucking Rittenhouse. Oh, I hope jail treated him nicely. I hope the food wasn’t too horrible. I’m sure the pillow wasn’t as comfy as an $80 MyPillow…or from what I’ve gathered from online reviews…maybe it was.

Anyway, this underage terrorist who somehow illegally gained access to an assault rifle and killed people is out on bail and the child actor to thank, or blame, isn’t Chachi. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’at? Scott Baio’s stupid racist ass didn’t do it? Of course not. Chachi doesn’t have money. Have you seen him in anything lately? Fact: Scott Baio has had three sitcoms and I never watched one episode. I did watch Happy Days but that wasn’t HIS sitcom. And I know what you’re thinking. Scott Baio has had THREE sitcoms? I mean, he’s had as many TV shows as Matt LeBlanc who as far as I can tell, is NOT a Nazi.

In case you’re concerned that Ricky Schroder has gone over to the dark side…he only confirmed the information on…wait for it…Parler, the brand new online social media destination for racists and Qanon fucknuts claiming they’re leaving Facebook and Twitter because their conspiracy theories are being censored. Perhaps acting on Silver Spoons as a child left a permanent soft spot in Ricky for billionaire assholes. So what’s the MyPillow guy’s excuse? He’s a racist billionaire asshole. That’s not fair. Maybe he’s just a millionaire.

Mike Lindell overcame a crack problem and found Jesus. He also found Trump. What is it with born-again Christians being so supportive of anti-Jesus principles? Why are Christians so horny for racist policies that put brown babies in jail? Why are they so hot for policies that drug test welfare recipients, so if daddy did weed, his baby can’t eat? If you figure that one out, let me know.

I’m very supportive of Mike Lindell’s recovery from crack, but I think he’s still an addict. He’s addicted to orange Kool-Aid and like Chachi and Silver Spoons bastard who was in The Champ with MAGAt Jon Voight (I spent some time on Wikipedia this morning), he’s a cultist. And when Mike Lindell’s not pushing pillows full of bullshit, he’s pushing bullshit cures for the coronavirus. Lindell pushes treatment for Covid-19 that’s so stupid, only Ben Carson tries it.

People who go out and point guns at protesters are championed by Trump and his MAGAts. Case in point: Those scummy lawyers in St. Louis who were so threatened by Black Lives Matter protesters walking down their street, that that they interrupted margarita time to point guns at them…were championed at the Republican National Convention.

Make no mistake about it. Trump and MAGAts aren’t celebrating rich-asshole lawyers for wearing shirts with mustard stains. It’s the pointing guns at black people they like. Trump and Republicans encourage white domestic terrorism. Kyle Rittenhouse gained an automatic weapon illegally and crossed state lines to kill two people…and you haven’t heard one word from the president (sic) of the United States disavowing that. Donald Trump has actually argued that Rittenhouse was practicing self defense when he crossed state lines to kill people. I’m sure Ben Carson bought that bullshit.

Republicans argue that people should take up automatic weapons and defend their homes from black people walking in front of it, but Rittenhouse wasn’t even in his own state, less enough his “home.”

Kyle Rittenhouse, who was too young to possess an automatic weapon, took an automatic weapon across state lines, joined militia goobers in parading around Kenosha pretending to defend businesses, where not one person stopped to say, “Hey…is that kid old enough to be stomping around here with an automatic weapon?”. Instead, cops gave him bottles of water. Instead, after shooting people and walking toward police cars with his hands up, the cops drove past him. No worried that kid with a smoking automatic weapon…he’s white.

In contrast, cops shot Jacob Blake in the back four times (they shot seven times but missed with three of them), paralyzing him…after tasing him…twice. Oh yeah. Jacob Blake is black.

The shooting of Jacob Blake is what the protests were over in Kenosha. Estimates put the property damage at around…wait for it…$2 million. MyPillow and Silver Spoons could have helped the community out more by donating to rebuild it instead of giving that money to a domestic Trumper terrorist. But no. They would rather make a martyr out of a killer.

I think giving money to a terrorist fuck like Kyle Rittenhouse, who’s probably going to be found guilty of murder by a jury, is almost as much of a waste as spending $80 on a shitty pillow.

Either way, it’ll probably be hard to sleep at nights.

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Enough Bundy


It’s time for the Bundy Militia to go home. Everyone’s tired of them. Oregon’s tired of them. America’s tired of them. The birds are tired of them. It got to the point that someone has lost their life over this ridiculousness to make a point. It’s time to go home.

I had two other ideas for this cartoon but they weren’t suitable for family newspapers. I toyed with the idea for a nano second to draw them and post them on the website, without sending them to my clients. Then I thought about it and decided not to do anything with my name on it that I wouldn’t want in a newspaper.

Here’s the rough.


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A Little Militant Lunacy


Showing that they can do the Occupy Wall Street crowd one better, a group of right wing militants are now Occupy Bird Sanctuary. A federal bird sanctuary that is.

Remember that crazy old rancher who was dickering with the government over his cattle grazing on federal land? Cliven Bundy, inspired a standoff between armed local anti-government activists and federal officials seeking to confiscate cattle grazing illegally on federal land in Nevada. Now his two sons have overtaken a federal building in a remote part of Oregon.

Friends of the Bundys have been in a battle with the government over federal land. Dwight Hammond and his son Steven Hammond were sentenced to prison for setting fire on federal lands. There’s a terrorism aspect to the conviction which has a mandatory sentence of five years. The judge gave them less and after finish that sentence another judge said “wait a minute, hillbillies, you have more time to serve” and sent them back to prison. OK, I made that quote up but that’s what happened.

So a bunch of armed militants against the federal government staged a protest and then occupied the federal refuge and they say they’re willing to stay there for several years. They claim their group has 150 members but some witnesses say they only counted 15, which might just be as high as they’re capable of counting. They’re calling for supporters to arm themselves and join them. They say it’s a peaceful effort, but if the government tries to kick them out they’ll fight back. That’s peaceful?

Their supporters call them patriots. If they were black they’d be anarchists. If they were Muslim they’d be terrorist. They National Guard, FBI, and ATF would be all over it by now. There are now reports government agents are on the way but they’re kinda taking their sweet time about it. It’s a good thing they’re not a bunch of black 12-year-old kids with pellet guns or they would have been shot by now.

For some reason these people think it’s their Constitutional right to steal federal land and to rob taxpayers. If they can’t take it then they should be able to set it on fire and endanger the lives of fire fighters.

You can be unhappy with the government and still love your country. Nobody is 100% happy with government. But to take up arms and threaten war with the government, is declaring war on your country. It is treason. These people are traitors to the United States of America. They have all the integrity and morals of al Qaida and ISIS.

And it’s probably not going to do the birds any good.

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