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I was opposed to the invasion of Iraq. At the same time, I wasn’t hoping for it to fail. I didn’t wish death on American soldiers. I wanted the invasion to be a success. While I felt everything being promised by the Bush/Cheney administration, like “they’ll treat us as liberators,” and “it’ll be quick and easy,” was total bullshit, I wanted to be proven wrong.

Most people want our president to succeed, even if they didn’t vote for him, don’t like him, and don’t have any faith at all in the person. They want America to succeed regardless of the president and which party he belongs to (or Russian dictator). Regular people don’t want American failures so they can score political points for their partisanship. While I don’t want stupid and regressive policies inflicted upon my nation, I don’t want Vladimir Putin sitting in the Oval Office to prove my point.

Donald Trump wishes failure on America. He said so himself as he says “we’ll just wait for Obamacare to fail.” These are not words of patriots. Donald Trump and many Republicans are not patriots. Fortunately, there’s about three in the GOP Senate, and they’re all women. They have blocked the Republicans from stripping health care from millions of Americans just so the rich can get a generous tax break.

While it’s easier to wait for something to collapse than actually work on it (and cast blame on the party that doesn’t control Congress), we didn’t elect a president to take it easy (though I am kinda relieved every time he’s on a golf course).

Now the GOP wants to repeal Obamacare without a replacement and give themselves a deadline to replace within two years with “something better.” These guys spent seven years voting to repeal Obamacare without ever proposing a solution. They’ve had the House, Senate, and White House since January, and they can’t submit a plan that works or is acceptable to the public. Do you really believe they’ll come through in two years?

Republicans wished Obama to fail. They said so. Now they’re in power, and they still wish pain and suffering on America. The responsible thing to do would be to make Obamacare better, not wish for it to die and affect millions of Americans. Republicans won’t just wait for it to die on its own. They’ll do everything they can to make it fail.

Trump and the GOP continue to describe Obamacare as failing. That is a lie. It’s not failing. It can be a lot better but it’s not going to die on its own. The GOP will have to manipulate it to make it fail, and they’re willing to do that.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about you, your health, your family’s health, or this nation. Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump.

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