Texas Nine-Nine


Good news, folks. The Texas whistleblower website, where nosy uptight Yee-Haw MAGAt fucksticks with too much time on their hands can report on their neighbors who they suspect might maybe be thinking about getting an abortion, has been shut down…again.

For now, the whistleblower site is redirecting to a anti-choice site until they can find a permanent hosts that doesn’t mind religious zealots entering personal information that doesn’t belong to the persons doing the entering. The fact the whistleblower site is redirecting to an anti-choice site proves it’s purely political. Being that is is religious, it should have no function with government, city, state, or federal. There’s this thing in the United States Constitution that knuckle-dragging fundamentalists find very inconvenient that says something about separation between church and state.

The redirection to a fundamentalist crazy nutjob fuckwit website also proves it doesn’t have anything to do with the sanctity of life and more to do with forcing others to live by the imaginary morals of religious zealots.

This system of tattle-telling on your neighbors is ripe for abuse, just as some people abuse the system to report child abuse. While there should be a channel to report that a child is being abused, it’s often used by people to go after personal enemies. And with this abortion whistleblower shit, it will be abused every time it’s used.

How do you know when someone got an abortion? How do you know they even got one? It’s private information. It’s not even your information to report. And no, it’s not like child abuse where you’re saving a child. You’re only using it to punish women, mandate your religion onto others, or just to hassle someone who may have stunk up the hallway of your apartment building by cooking Indian food.

There is a long history of authoritarian governments encouraging their people to spy on their neighbors.  In 1933, the Nazis issued a decree requiring Germans to turn in anyone who spoke against the party, its leaders, or the government. They also required them to report Jews for being Jews.

Mao’s China and Stalin’s Soviet Union both encouraged citizens to report enemies of the party and even people they suspected of having anti-communist thoughts.

The Inquisition was religious indoctrination, or reeducation, by groups within the Catholic Church to force Jews and Muslims to become Catholic…or die. Torture was often used in France, Spain, and Portugal to force people to see the Christian god and not their heathen gods. Usually, when someone has their testicles pounded by mallets all day, they will eventually see Jesus.

Guess how Church found the heathens? Yup, by informants. You did not want your neighbor to catch you eating a falafel.

Systems of ratting on your neighbors hasve been used in autocratic nations like Hungary, East Germany, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and throughout Islamic Kingdoms. There’s one other place. The United States of America.

During the Red Scare of the 1940s and 1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy conducted hearings to find communists without our government and in other institutions, like in business, education, and Hollywood. Everybody seemed to forget for a while that it’s not actually illegal to be a communist. I guess it’s like those Twilight vampire movies. There’s no crime in liking them but you don’t want anyone to know you do. It’s best to pretend you’re totally unfamiliar with Team Edward and Team Jacob. A friend told me about them. Quite frankly, I’d rather be accused of being a communist.

McCarthy and fellow Republicans would accuse people of treason and subversion for not thinking like them…or even suspecting they weren’t thinking like them. Careers were destroyed and people were ostracized. The biggest un-American Joseph McCarthy exposed was Joseph McCarthy.

This whistleblower bullshit to report on neighbors in Texas suspected of having an abortion is un-American. And as usual, the greatest threat to America are Republicans. Why do we need authoritarian tactics to save our democracy?

Isn’t it bizarre the people who espouse Christian values are the least Christian like? Isn’t it mind boggling that the people who pretend to be the greatest American patriots keep creating systems of fascism?

Dear pro-lifers: Stop acting like Nazis.

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