Mark Esper

Another Tome of Titillating Trump Tales

Mark Esper has a book on his brief time as Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense, and the book contains some wild accusations…that are totally believable.

One of the accusations is that during a meeting in 2020, Donald Trump wanted to deploy 10,000 troops to the streets of Washington, DC, where Black Lives Matter was protesting against police brutality, and have them shot in the legs. The guy who teargassed Black Lives Matter protesters in order to stage a photo-op with an upside-down Bible and later had a photo-op with Kyle Rittenhouse to celebrate his acquittal after shooting and killing Black Lives Matter protesters said Esper is lying.

Esper also claims Trump called the protesters “fucking losers.” How is any of this difficult to believe?

Trump said, “This is a complete lie, and ten witnesses can back it up,” without providing any names of the supposed ten witnesses.

According to Esper, Trump also wanted to fire missiles into Mexico at suspected drug cartels. This was probably around the time Trump was coming up with amazing ideas like building moats on the border with Mexico and stocking them with alligators, snakes, and piranhas.

Trump also wanted to reactivate retired Admiral William McRaven, a former Navy SEAL commander, and US Army General Stanley McChrystal so he could court-martial them for criticizing him. He wanted to send people to jail for saying bad things about him. This isn’t hard to believe since Trump accused over 24 people of treason for criticizing him. He once claimed Democrats committed treason for not clapping during one of his ridiculous State of the Union speeches. According to Esper, Trump claimed the retired military men were “disloyal” to him. This is banana republic fascism with a combover.

Esper wrote that “people were removed from positions simply because the White House wanted to replace them with more hard-core Trump loyalists, regardless of qualifications.” We know this is true. We watched it in real-time for four years. Trump fired people for testifying against him before Congress, like Alexander Vindman. He removed security clearances for former officials like former CIA Director John Brennan. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey for investigating him and even bragged to the Russians about it in the Oval Office, saying, “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” He fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe hours before he was set to retire, thus trying to rob him of his pension and other benefits. McCabe later sued and won his pension and other benefits back. This was a move that costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal defense. Trump is petty, vindictive, a sociopath, and stupid.

Esper also claims that Trump goon and hair-in-a-can aficionado Stephen Baby Goebbels Miller wanted him to dispatch 250,000 troops to the southern border and have the military parade the severed head of a slain ISIS leader to scare off other terrorists.

Trump denies some of the claims while calling Mark Esper “Yesper,” as in he was so eager to please Trump, that he said “yes” to everything…while also being “ineffective.” Somehow to Trump, he was an ineffective ass kisser. But wasn’t everyone in the Trump administration an ass kisser? Weren’t they all Yespers?

Trump isn’t denying wanting to shoot rockets into Mexico. He gave a “no comment” to that one. He hasn’t denied other claims, like wanting to pull all our troops out of South Korea. What will Trump do if he runs for president again, and oh my god, actually wins?

If Trump becomes president (sic) again, he will pull troops out of South Korea, place them on our southern border, fire rockets into Mexico, try to build a moat full of piranhas, disband NATO, throw people into military prisons for saying bad things about it, ram through more unqualified fundamentalist judges, dismantle free elections, outlaw a free press, and help Vladimir Putin finally defeat Ukraine then invite him to the Oval Office for a bucket from KFC and Big Macs. This isn’t hyperbole because it’s what he tried to do the first time. If he gets a second shot, nobody’s going to be able to stop him because those who can speak out won’t so they can sell a book two years later.

Trump fired Esper right after he lost the 2020 election because it was his last chance to fire him. Esper should have spoken out before, like when Trump was talking about shooting protesters and firing rockets into Mexico.

Esper’s book is titled “A Sacred Oath.” But what oath is he talking about because the one he took to be Secretary of Defense was an oath to protect our nation, and he failed to do that in order to get a big payday.

Donald Trump is a lunatic and a vile sociopath. It’s sociopathic to let him get away with it.

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Walk For Captain Bone Spurs


It amazes me that Trump’s supporters have confidence and respect in his ability as Commander in Chief. This is a man who has never respected the military. Saying you respect the military doesn’t actually mean you do, just as saying “no quid pro quo” while extorting someone doesn’t mean there’s no extortion.

Donald Trump dodged the draft. He got the rich-kid deferment when his daddy paid a doctor to vouch for Trump’s bone spurs.

He claimed that avoiding STDs during the 80s was his Vietnam. Seriously. He said going to a boarding school was exactly like military training.

He said a POW was only a hero “because he got captured” and also said, “I like people who aren’t captured.” He has feuded with Gold Star families. He’s continued to feud with the dead POW. He’s stood before our troops and lied to their faces over their pay. Once, he even lost an aircraft carrier.

Today, he’s decreasing our military’s preparedness on soon-to-be broken promises by Kim Jong Un. He’s given classified information to Putin. He’s revealed we have nuclear weapons in Turkey. He pulled our troops out of Syria, abandoning our allies, and telling the world they can’t trust the United States, or our military, anymore. Hell, when it comes to Russian spies vs. American law enforcement, he sides with the Russian spies.

Now, Captain Bone Spurs, who once said he knows more than the generals, is preventing the military from disciplining one of their own.

Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher texted photos of himself with the corpse of an Islamic militant with the message, “I have got a cool story for you when I get back. I have got my knife skills on.” Donald Trump described his behavior as “tough.” I don’t think “tough” is the word to describe someone who poses with corpses.

While he was acquitted of the murder of the militant, he was in danger of being demoted by the Navy…until Donald Trump got involved.

Shouldn’t military discipline be left to the military without meddling from the draft dodger? Of course, but this draft dodger is the president (sic). Also, Bernard Kerik, a former business partner of Trump’s personal goon, Rudy Giuliani, has been making the rounds on Trump TV advocating for Gallagher, who changed his legal defense team to include a lawyer from Trump’s real estate company.

Trump tweeted out support of Gallagher and according to Defense Secretary Mark Esper, ordered him to stop a disciplinary review of the Navy Seal. The person who was disciplined in all of this is Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer. Esper has accused Spencer of going behind his back to make a secret deal with the White House. In this proposed deal, Spencer promised that Esper would fix the review so Gallagher wouldn’t be demoted. Esper says this violates the chain of command. Yet, it’s Trump who’s demoralizing the military.

Yes, the president can intervene in military cases and decisions. That doesn’t mean he should. He’s teaching the rank and file that if they can get an advocate to hawk their case on Fox News, get sympathy from Donald Trump, then they don’t have to worry about discipline. Pretty soon, the military will have even less discipline than Trump’s boarding school.

Soon, serving in the military will be like Donald Trump avoiding Gonorrhea in the 1980s. Except for members in our military, Trump is the disease.

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