Costa Rica Marchamo


This cartoon was first published in The Costa Rica Star, November 23, 2018.

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Sticky Marchamo


This cartoon was published December 1 in The Costa Rica Star.

In Costa Rica, the government makes you purchase an annual Marchamo sticker for your car. It’s basically a property tax based on the value of the vehicle. In the United States, you can usually look forward to the tax bill on your vehicle being cheaper next year. Not so in Costa Rica. For some reason, the value of your vehicle often increases in Costa Rica. Many believe it’s based on how much revenue the government wants to create.

The money is supposed to go toward the infrastructure, like roads. But, nobody ever sees improvement on the roads.

Some people believe the money actually goes toward Christmas bonuses, called “Aguinaldo.” The Aguinaldo is not based on performance and is a “13th” month salary paid to every salaried employee, government and private, documented and undocumented, in the nation. It’s a law. The president of the Banco de Costa Rica (a government bank) will receive a $50,000 Christmas bonus.

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