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I have three concerns with this cartoon.

My first concern is the file size. My cartoons usually include a lot of detail which makes for large files. I create four files for each cartoon. The file for this one is incredibly small. The black and white jpeg of the cartoon is only 444K. That’s small. It may be an unnecessary concern of mine but I worry that a small file will be low in quality when it’s published.

That concern may not be necessary because of my second concern, which is…nobody’s going to run this cartoon. OK, maybe the Detroit Metro Times. They’re ballsy. And that leads to my third concern.

My third concern is that it won’t be published, not because the cartoon is about Donald Trump’s penis, but because a lot of people won’t understand the cartoon. So here goes another blog that explains the cartoon.

It’s about Trump’s dick.

One of my proofreaders didn’t understand the cartoon. It’s possible my other proofer didn’t either and she was just being nice because she’s nice. But the way I justify drawing a cartoon that possibly most of my readers and newspaper clients won’t get is: I draw a lot of cartoons. I’m the only political cartoonist in this country who gives my readers and clients a brand-new cartoon every single day (there is another guy who often shits out three a day but most of those are traced photos and stolen clipart he signs his name on, so he doesn’t count).

It’s also a Saturday and I often do crazy shit on the weekends. Anyway, my clients get enough from me they can use that one can land in the trash.

An editor might say, “I can’t use this because I don’t get it. What’s it about?”
And I would tell him, “Trump may be indicted on criminal charges for his role in hush payments to porn star Stormy Daniels, who described Trump’s dick as looking like Toad from Mario Kart.”
And then the editor would reply, “Good God, now I’m definitely not publishing this.” Unless that editor is from the Detroit Metro Times.

And yes, Trump is facing criminal charges in Manhattan as the District Attorney has invited him to testify before the grand jury. In New York, potential defendants have the right to answer questions in the grand jury before they are indicted. Most decline and I’m sure Trump will too because any testimony can be used against him. These invitations are usually followed by indictments.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg may be the first to charge Trump criminally…but not the last.

Trump is under investigation in Georgia for interfering in that state’s presidential election when he demanded Georgia’s Secretary of State to “find” him 11,780 votes. Trump HAS to be charged in Georgia. Not charging him would be criminal.

He’s also under investigation by a Special Counsel for his role in the January 6 white nationalist terrorist attack, for trying to steal the 2020 election, and for stealing government documents, many of which are classified.

Trump has also committed sooooooooooo many other crimes without any charges or even investigations. Trump not being in prison already is a testament that we have a very unequal justice system. Donald Trump is a criminal…a big fat racist orange grifting criminal.

The Manhattan investigation has been going on for five years, which is another testament to our unequal legal system.

Here’s the deets: Trump shagged Stormy Daniels years ago. He didn’t want her to talk about it during the 2016 presidential campaign, so he paid her to keep quiet about it. Trump’s lawyer/fixer, Michael Cohen, paid Stormy $130,000 in the final days of the campaign. After Trump became president (sic), he reimbursed Cohen with a check and then lied about it. Bill Clinton would have been impeached for this shit and possibly sent to prison. If there was even a rumor of President Obama doing this, there would be congressional investigations today.

One of the reasons Michael Cohen was sent to prison was for campaign finance violations. So how is Cohen guilty of breaking campaign finance laws but Trump isn’t?

Paying someone hush money isn’t a crime. But it may be a crime if you do it as a campaign contribution that isn’t filed. Concealing the payment could be the crime in this case. In New York, falsifying business records can amount to a crime, but just a misdemeanor. To elevate the crime to a felony charge, Bragg’s prosecutors must show that Trump’s “intent to defraud” included an intent to commit or conceal a second crime.

That second crime may be that the hush money was an improper donation and a violation of state election laws, in that the hush money benefited Trump’s campaign.

Initially, Stormy took her story to the National Enquirer and offered them an exclusive for which they would pay for. They did this with another woman Trump boinked, paid her for the exclusive rights to the story, then never published it in what’s often referred to as “catch and kill.” The National Enquirer was published by a Trumper, a guy named…wait for it…”Pecker.”

Instead of paying Stormy for the story, Pecker helped negotiate the hush payment with her and Michael Cohen in order to help the Trump Campaign. Trump has said the National Enquirer should be winning Pulitzers.

Nobody has ever been charged with a felony under all these circumstances. Trump’s fuckery is unique. The president (sic) of the United States paid his lawyer to pay a porn star to keep quiet. The odds may be very low that Trump is convicted and if he is, it’ll probably just be a low-level felony with the maximum sentence being four years, but the judge has the option of not including any jail time in the sentence.

So the question may not that be whether Trump goes to prison or not but…was the $130,000 to keep people from knowing Trump cheated on his wife (just four months after she had given birth to Baron, but in Trump’s defense, her body was probably still weird, gross, and icky after giving birth to his fifth child, which I’m sure you understand) with a porn star or that his penis looks like Toad from Mario Kart?

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Gopher His Balls


When Donald Trump was running for president in 2016, he promised he would release his taxes returns to the public. He repeated the promise over and over while not delivering on it. After he won the election, he said screw it and that nobody could see them, nobody had the right, and claimed the public was OK with it because they had elected him without seeing them in the first place, ignoring that the majority of voters did not vote for him.

One of Trump’s excuses for not showing his taxes was that he was under audit. He was always under audit and lied that you can’t show your taxes to the public during an audit…despite the fact other presidents and candidates have done that.

Over time, some of his taxes leaked here and there and there are mysteries. Mysteries like, how did someone get so rich while losing so much money? How many porn stars has he paid off? Are hair transplants a tax-deductible expense? How can you pay someone as a consultant while they’re also an employee and your daughter? And how can you claim in tax filings that a property has lost money while claiming its value has increased in loan applications? It boggles the mind.

What else boggles the mind is why so many were OK with Donald Trump hiding his income and the sources. Trump supporters loved to brag Donald Trump is a billionaire, almost as much Trump loved to make that brag. They argued him being rich was good for all of us because he’d use his business smarts in the interest of the country and soon, we’ll all be rich. Yay.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. Most poor white people don’t think they’re poor. They think they’re rich but the money just hasn’t come in yet. And as it turns out, Trump’s business smarts is all in grifting.

The thing is, maybe it’s important to understand how someone obtained their wealth. I mean, do you want a guy in office who got his wealth through fraud? Why don’t we just vote for mobsters? Or, do you think it’s an achievement when someone inherits wealth? As it turns out, Donald Trump did both. And when it came to debt, Donald Trump does understand personal and business debt. Government debt, not so much. Also, he didn’t care. His first big achievement was driving the deficit up to give himself a huge tax cut.

But when someone is in office and they’re still being paid from other sources, don’t you want to see what those sources are? Don’t you want to see who he owes money to? Don’t you want to know why Putin owns him? Don’t you want to understand that him not taking a salary while charging you for his golf outings is all a shell game? No? Because you’re a cult? OK, then.

I saw a post yesterday by someone highly upset the Supreme Court would dare hand Trump’s tax returns over to prosecutors. That’s some real sycophancy right there. You would have thought the government had audited Jesus.

Donald Trump has spent years bragging about his tax returns…and he’s spent years hiding them. He’s also been fighting New York prosecutors over access to them. Yesterday, the Supreme Court, with three Trump appointees on the bench (two stolen, one borrowed) allowed the Manhattan District Attorney to have access to Trump’s taxes.

Now, we’re going to find out about all those deductions for income losses while claiming property value has risen. We’re going to find out why he paid his daughter as an adviser while she was also an employee. We’re going to find out if he should be audited for a $72 million deduction he claimed. We’re going to find out if he should only have paid $750.00 in a tax year. We should find out how many porn stars he paid off.

Will we see these taxes? Yes, we will. No, we’re not supposed to and they probably won’t be seen from the DA’s office until they use it as evidence in a trial. But if Congress gets their hands on them, they’ll be leaked faster than Trump on a porn star. And it won’t even be the Democrats leaking the taxes. It’ll be Republicans.

The Republican Party is openly kissing Donald Trump’s ass while they secretly want him to go away. When they get his taxes, they’ll be leaked. Republicans have a more vested interest in destroying Donald Trump now than Democrats do.

Donald Trump is corrupt and he’s a cheater. This is a man who stole from charity and once swiped a child’s golf ball after the kid made a better shot than he did. Donald Trump is immoral without any principles. Hopefully, this is the beginning for Donald Trump to finally be held accountable.

Donald Trump wants four more years in the White House. I want at least four years for him in prison.

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