Indictment Palooza


If you’re feeling squishy about yourself because you boldly predicted Mueller’s first indictment would be for Paul Manafort, give yourself an obvious cookie. What will you predict next? Sarah Huckabee Sanders will deflect with something stupid?

One person who deserves a cookie, or an entire box, is Robert Mueller. This man, despite being accused of leaking by Trump sycophants, keeps his cards close to his vest. Manafort was not a surprise. Rick Gates, OK that makes sense. George Papadopoulos? Who? I recall hearing about that guy months ago and how bizarre it was that his qualification to serve as one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers was that he played on the model U.N. when he was in school. But, if you had picked Papadopoulos then that would have been as brilliant as when I picked Adrian Peterson in fantasy football his rookie year. Though, with my fantasy football team, that involved more dumb luck than brilliance.

Donald Trump and his idiotic followers have been telling us for about a year that there has been no collusion with Russia. It’s all “fake news.” Every intelligence agency tells us there was collusion. Facebook and Twitter have told us Russia bought ads, thus collusion. Trump even begged for Russia’s help during the campaign. Yet, it’s all “fake news.” Now, it has come out that Donald Trump Jr. wasn’t the only goon seeking information on Hillary Clinton from the Russians. How much longer are the sycophants going to continue parroting the lies from the Trump administration?

Mueller indicted Paul Manafort on twelve counts, some being conspiracy against the United States. Trump has boasted that all the charges against Manafort and Gates were for crimes committed before they worked for Trump. Like it’s a great big accomplishment that his campaign manager conspired against America. It’s indicative of what kind of people Trump surrounds himself with. Next time he hires someone, he needs to conduct a background check that at least involves reading their Wikipedia page.

Just after Trump tweeted that he had no connection to the crimes and there was no collusion, word came out about Papadopoulos and how he was seeking collusion with Russia as a representative of the Trump campaign. Oops.

Papadopoulos pleads guilty to lying to the FBI and has made a deal with Mueller. He’s cooperating with the Special Counsel’s investigation and has been for months. Does this mean he may have had conversations with Trump people while wearing a wire. Oh, please say yes.

Trump’s defense is that he doesn’t remember Papadopoulos, despite claiming he has one of the best memories. He and his collection of stupid people have claimed that Papadopoulos was a low-level staffer, thus he didn’t have any real important job with the campaign. They made it sound like the guy only fetched coffee and made copies. In reality, he fetched covfefe.

A low-level staffer was apparently what his campaign was looking for to make connections with Russia. In one email from a top unnamed staffer, he was encouraged to travel to make a connection between Trump and Putin. One email read, “We need someone to communicate that DT is not doing these trips, It should be someone low level in the campaign so as not to send any signal.” If that is not collusion then I don’t know what is. It’s a lot heavier than the Uranium deflection or hiring someone to conduct opposition research on your opponent.

For a low-level guy, he got some good play from Trump. The then-candidate mentioned him as an adviser and how he was a good person. A photo has also surfaced of him sitting at the same table with Trump and Jeff Sessions at a policy meeting. He was not delivering coffee.

The White House says they believe Mueller is wrapping up his investigation. This just might be the end of the beginning. Mueller is just warming up his arm. There could be more charges on Manafort. Papadopoulos may not be the only one who’s been secretly working with Mueller. This will and probably has already, created an environment in the White House where no one trusts anyone. Who’s wearing a wire? Who’s working with Mueller? Who will send me to prison so they don’t have to go? What a great working environment. They go in thinking they’ll serve four to eight but in reality, most will be looking at ten to twenty.

What I’m looking at is how many people will be convicted of lying to the FBI, because everybody who works for Trump lies their ass off. I feel sorry for Huckabee Sander’s future jailhouse bitch. I’m going to feel sorry for Sean Spicer and Jared when they’re both the jailhouse bitches. When Trump testifies, and he will, he will commit perjury. The man can’t talk about anything without telling a lie. I bet that chocolate cake even tasted like crap.

Despite their argument that they’re focused on the nation’s business, the White House is panicking. There’s a report that Trump wants Ivanka and Jared out of the White House and return to the private sector. He should never have brought his kids into his corruption.

There are things to expect, like Michael Flynn’s upcoming indictment. There will also be surprises. Apparently, this Mueller guy is really good at what he’s doing. He’s not distracted by shiny objects.

Shit got real yesterday. It’s only going to get worse for the White House. There are reports that Trump was fuming at the indictments. Expect a full meltdown when Mueller goes after his taxes.

I’ll supply the popcorn…and the ink.

Creative notes: I tweeted out the line to this cartoon yesterday. As I started working on an idea this morning (after having several), I kept going back to my smart-ass comment on social media. I liked it better than the cartoon I had started. So, I debated myself and stared at the Surface Pro for an hour before deciding to erase everything and start over.

I hate tweeting out the idea before I use it, because that ruins the surprise for my readers on social media, at least for the ones who saw it. Also, a fellow cartoonist once admitted to me that he got one of his cartoon ideas from one of my tweets. Sheesh. You’re supposed to get your ideas from Trump’s tweets, not mine.

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Rigged Russians


The situation between Donald Trump and Russia became even more unusual Monday. His campaign director, or whatever the hell his title is, was listed for receiving “off the books” cash payments from Ukraine.

Paul Manafort kept an office in Kiev, Ukraine for years while he did consulting work for that nation’s ruling party, which was very pro-Russia at the time. An anti-corruption probe from the current government is attempting to discover how their country’s elections were manipulated in the past, and the nation’s assets looted by former president Viktor Yanukovych. Handwritten ledgers show that Manafort received $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments from Yanukovych’s ruling Russian-loving party from 2002 to 2012. Yanukovych, was elected president amidst allegations of election fraud and voter intimidation, was ousted in 2014 and today lives in exile in Russia.

A credible campaign would have fired or asked for Manafort’s resignation before the day was over. At this time Manafort is still on the job, not just defending Trump but defending himself. He claims he never received the payments, and I guess he can prove it by showing us his books (Mr. Trump, that’s how you use sarcasm).

There’s questions regarding Trump’s fortune and how much of it is connected to Russia. It doesn’t help that he won’t release his tax returns. It’s kinda bizarre for him and the GOP to accuse Clinton of being a criminal, question the ties between her charity and the state department, yet he won’t be transparent himself.

In addition to all of the above, Trump has lavished praise on Russian president Vladimir Putin. Trump has stated Putin won’t go into Ukraine, although he’s already there. He seems comfortable with Russia annexing Crimea. Russia is suspected of hacking into the Democratic party’s email system and Trump has asked them to hack into Hillary Clinton’s server (though he said he was joking).  He’s stated the U.S. shouldn’t uphold its obligations to some NATO nations, which might give Putin a few ideas regarding Eastern European nations that were formerly party of the Soviet Union.

On top of all this, Trump’s daughter is vacationing in Croatia with Putin’s girlfriend, who is also Rupert Murdoch’s ex wife. Is there an online dating service for billionaire, right wing tyrants?

The New York Times investigated and published the story about Manafort and Ukraine. Trump is already complaining about the media and the “failing” New York Times. He’s says the media is printing lies about him but he’s probably really upset that the media prints his actual statements. Trump states he is running against the media, and not Hillary Clinton. Trump conveniently forgets all the free TV time and exposure he’s gained. Attacking the press is red meat for Republicans, even if it’s coming from a guy who invalidates The New York Times while believing the National Enquirer is Pulitzer worthy.

In addition to all of Trump’s previous crazy and stupid comments, he says if he loses the election it will be because it’s rigged. He specifically points at Pennsylvania and says the only way he’ll lose that state is if “cheating goes on” and is asking his supporters to police and bully at polling stations.

Trump might have a point if he loses the state after leading in the polls. Unfortunately for him he’s currently lagging behind Clinton by nine points. In fact, he doesn’t have the lead in a single swing state. He’s also allowing her to make red states Utah, Georgia, Arizona, and Kansas competitive.  Kansas where they don’t believe in evolution, climate change, or books. Clinton’s lead has reached the point that she’s holding off advertising in swing states Virginia, Colorado, and, you guessed it, Pennsylvania.

Trump complains about not leading in states while he hasn’t actually put any ads on the air or campaign boots on the ground. Is he running for president or does he think he’s in a reality show?

The only way Trump can win the election is if it’s rigged in his favor. No wonder he’s asking Putin for help.

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