MAGA Fascism

Fascists Pardons

Ya’ know, for a bunch of fascists, they sure are whiny snowflake babies.

President Biden called out MAGA fascists in a major primetime address from Liberty Hall in Philadelphia.

Biden called out MAGA fascism as a threat to democracy and framed the midterm elections as a battle for the “soul of the nation.” He’s right. We could lose our nation if we put Republicans in power. Republicans have given up on democracy and have embraced fascism.

On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump sent white nationalist terrorists to overturn the election he lost. Donald Trump refused to grant a peaceful transfer of power. Nearly two years later, most Republicans still believe Trump won despite the lack of ANY evidence. The GOP has elected (irony) election deniers as their nominees in the upcoming midterms. The Republican Party has changed laws in states with GOP-majority legislatures making it harder for minorities to vote. In Florida, the Republican governor is attempting to outlaw liberal thoughts. Republicans are making it illegal for schools to teach history that they claim makes white people feel bad for being white. Republicans are banning books. And then they’re crying that some of them are being called fascists by the president.

Biden actually went out of his way not to call ALL Republicans “semi-fascists.” He made it clear it was only for the MAGA element. He was being overly kind. But, you knew Republicans and the Fox News fucks were going to cry about it because they’re all entitled whiny babies.

White Christian conservatives believe they are the most persecuted of any group in world history. If you don’t believe me, just ask one of them.

Despite the president’s clarity, Tucker Carlson lied about what the president said.

Tucker claimed the president believes “anyone who disagrees with Joe Biden is by definition a fascist” and suggested the president considers all Republicans semi-fascists. Carlson then claimed that Biden’s comments were “effectively a declaration of war against half the country.”

Tucker finished up with, “What do we do to fascists? Well, we fought a war and killed them.”

Except now, Tucker. Now, you guys award and praise them. You lie for them. You cover up for them.

Sidenote: Motherfuckers on Fox News need to stop calling Donald Trump “The President.” sure, you can refer to him as “President Trump (sic),” or if you’re in the same room with him, then you address him as “Mr. President, (sic)” or when pointing at him in the same room, then you can say, “The President (sic)” if it makes you feel warm and toasty. For example, you can say to someone, “Do you hear that squishy sound when Trump walks? It’s because The President just shit his diapers.”
But when you’re on TV, don’t say “The President” when referring to Trump because he’s not the president. Don’t say “The President” when you’re referring to Carter, Bush, or Obama. You should only say “The President” when you’re talking about the president. We only have one president at a time and right now, Joe Biden is THE president. Sidenote over.

I heard one Republican analyst state that Republicans heard Biden call all of them fascists. So they’re hearing what he didn’t say. Another whined that the president (this is how you use it, kids) isn’t unifying, which is something the president ran on. But since the campaign when Biden called for unity, there was an insurrection and Republicans used lies about election fraud to make it harder for a portion of the nation to vote.

But the president is right. The MAGA portion of the Republican Party are fascists. They are willing to install Trump as a dictator, even if he doesn’t win. They’ll actually claim that stealing an election and overthrowing the government is democracy. While the president said it’s just the MAGA portion of the GOP that’s poisonous to democracy, the majority of the GOP is MAGA. The majority of the Republican Party shoves and eats fascist bullshit.

And Donald Trump made the president’s point. Donald Trump claimed he’s paying legal fees for some of the white nationalist terrorists who tried to overturn the election and install him as a dictator. I’m sure the money isn’t actually coming out of Trump’s wallet, but from his “Save America” PAC, which isn’t advertising that funds will go to pay legal fees for terrorists. I seriously doubt Trump is spending his own money. He takes his supporters’ money, he doesn’t give them his.

Trump also gave another great reason not to elect him president. Trump is promising to give pardons to the white nationalist terrorists who tried to destroy our democracy.

Donald Trump calls Vladimir Putin a genius and wants to pardon terrorists who attacked our nation. He also stole classified government documents, which many of are still missing. Joe Biden, the president, calls Putin a war criminal and tells fascists they’re fascists.

It’s clear which of the two men is a patriot and which is the traitor. In case you’re slow, Trump is the traitor.

The Republican crybaby analyst may be correct and the president’s words turn them off and alienate them. But, I like that the president is speaking the truth. I like that he’s calling it what it is.

You can put me squarely in the camp of Fuck Those Fascists.

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