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Goodbye To Lou


Even if you never watched Lou Dobbs Tonight (and if you’re a regular visitor to this page, you didn’t), it’s a positive development for you. The removal of Lou Dobbs and his show means there is one less person poisoning our environment with dangerous bullshit that feeds terrorists. And just a few months ago, we thought maybe the worst he contributed to was stupid racist people.

Lou Dobbs NEVER should have had a TV show. Maybe that’s not entirely fair. But he should have lost all opportunities of having a show after the fucked up call he made in 1999 when he ordered his producer to cut from President Bill Clinton’s speech in Littleton, Colorado, after the Columbine school shooting, to return to his show, Moneyline. Lou Dobbs’ partisanship clearly presented an inability to host a news show, even one with opinions. Dobbs left CNN but he got another chance.

Dobbs returned to the network and started his crusade against “illegal immigration,” and then became the only news anchor to give any exposure and legitimacy to the birther theory, that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya. CNN paid him $8 million to leave.

Naturally, a racist conspiracy theorist like this belonged on Fox News. At Fox, Dobbs continued to push the birther nonsense but also gave credence to the deep state nonsense championed by Donald Trump. Dobbs abandoned all pretense of being an actual analyst and joined the Trump cult and used his program to campaign for Donald Trump. It was sickening.

Lou Dobbs became your crazy uncle where the only qualification to believe in something was that Donald Trump said it. Except your crazy uncle doesn’t have his own TV show on Fox News. Sure, your crazy uncle could get a show on Newsmax or OANN, but not Fox.

And because Donald Trump claimed the election was stolen by Dominion voting machines, Lou Dobbs believed the election was stolen from Trump and for Joe Biden by Dominion voting machines. Now, a company that provided software to Dominion, Smartmatic, has named Dobbs and two other Fox News hosts in a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit. Trying to save some face, Fox News has canceled Dobbs.

Don’t cry for Lou Dobbs. He’s still rich. In fact, he hasn’t even been fired yet. They just canceled his show. They’re still paying him. How crazy is that? What’s even crazier is that Fox News still has racist conspiracy theorists hosting “news” shows.

On November 12 of last year, Trump’s personal drippy farty attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was on Dobbs’ show promoting the Big Lie, and claimed Smartmatic was founded by Venezuelans connected to the deceased and former dictator Hugo Chávez “in order to fix elections.” Instead of calling him out for bullshit, or even better, not having him on his show, Dobbs thanked Rudy for being “on the case” which “has the feeling of a coverup in certain places.” That’s just some good journalisming right there, folks.

This was supposed to be a news show…on a news channel. Lou Dobbs was supposed to be a credible journalist. Rudy going over a cliff chasing conspiracy theories doesn’t mean Lou Dobbs had to go with him. Journalists are supposed to call this bullshit out, not join in spreading it. On that note, journalists shouldn’t join political campaigns or speak at political rallies. But Fox News “journalists” do that.

Donald Trump issued a statement, because he can’t tweet anymore, saying, “Lou Dobbs is and was great. Nobody loves America more than Lou. He had a large and loyal following that will be watching closely for his next move, and that following includes me.”

I actually read the statement like this: “Lou Dobbs is and was a great racist. Nobody loves attacking America with white nationalist terrorists more than Lou. He had a large and loyal racist following that will be wearing Klan hoods while watching closely for his next racist move, and that racist following includes me, because I’m a racist…with a little tiny dinky.”

Oh my god. That means your crazy uncle is going to lose his show on Newsmax. But hey, there’s an available time slot at Fox Business at 5:00 P.M. eastern time.

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