Loretta Lynch

Sleazin’ With Bill


Bill Clinton is a political genius.

Bill Clinton is a student of politics. He failed in his first two attempts at public office but he learned each time and became educated on the art of politics. Then he became governor of Arkansas. And then he lost his first reelection for the governor’s office. And two years later (Arkansas has a messed up system where governors serve two years at a time) he came roaring back, educated, and was the governor of the state for ten years.

When he ran for president he had a rough time in the early primaries but then he came back to win the nomination and eventually the general election and became president. In his first two years he started his health care program, lost congress and generally got beat up politically. Then he came roaring back again.

Bill Clinton played Newt Gingrich and the GOP and ran wild on them. Even losing ratings in favorability while scoring high approval ratings for job performance,nothing could topple Bubba. Despite being impeached he scored high job approval ratings. Bob Dole can tell you about it.

Pundits say the Clintons come with sleaze. They do come with sleaze. But they were trained in Southern politics. You don’t succeed in the South without playing politics and being a bit sleazy. Bill and Hillary are good people and they do want progress for this nation, and themselves, but they can only do it with a little sleaze. It’s the only way they know how.

Even when Bill campaigned in the South for reelection to the presidency he would incorporate a very Southern twang while campaigning in the South. He plays people. He manipulates. He might do stupid thing, but he’s not stupid. The man is the best politician we’ll ever see in our lifetime. Ronald Reagan would come in second. Barack Obama would come in third.

So when Bill Clinton walked into Attorney General Lorreta Lynch’s airplane to talk about grandchildren, he knew what he was doing. He’s not stupid. He was playing her and she, like the GOP in the 1990’s, let herself be strung. Play it, Bubba, play it. When you’re a former president there’s not a places where people say you can’t enter. You’re not just a former president, you’re Bill Clinton. The last president to leave office with a plus approval rating and a diminished deficit. Eat that, George W. Seriously, who says “no,” you can’t enter that room?

It has an appearance of impropriety that Lynch would have a “chat” with Bill while his wife is under investigation by her department. Her defense is “it was wrong because of the appearance it gives. It was a mistake. I wouldn’t do it again.” You don’t have to do it again because Bill only needed you to do it the one time. The “wouldn’t do it again” exuse is the same excuse Hillary gives for her server issues currently under investigation. Loretta will remember her own defense when the time comes, if it comes, to prosecute.

Did I mention Bill Clinton is a political genius?

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North Carolina Educated


I believe in this time of such turmoil over transgenders in North Carolina’s public restrooms we should all heed the words of North Carolinian Petey Pablo who sang “North Carolina! C’mon and raise up. Take your shirt off, twist it ’round yo head. Spin it like a helicopter.”

Actually, that doesn’t have anything to do with this. I’m just screwing with you.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave North Carolina a Monday deadline to promise not to enforce their discrimination law that targets transgenders use of public restrooms. The state asked for more time and Lynch offered a week if they would admit the law was discriminatory. The the state said no and promptly sued. The federal government is counter suing.

The Justice department claims the law violates the Civil Rights Act and that it is “state-sanctioned discrimination” against transgender people.

Pat McCrory, governor of North Carolina, said he has a different interpretation of federal law than the federal government. OK, then. See you in court. It’s going to be very expensive.

The Obama administration is threatening to pull education funding from the state which comes to $4.3 billion. The governor, who is backing a law bullying transgenders, says the feds are being bullies. Go figure.

Lynch, who like Petey, is from North Carolina said states should not be in the business of “legislating identity” and force transgender people to not be who they are. She compared this fight to others over civil rights and human dignity. So many have forgotten the battles over the Jim Crow laws that came after the Emancipation Proclamation; the widespread resistance to implement the 1954 Supreme Court ruling that found segregated schools unconstitutional; and the state laws that prevented same-sex couples from marrying in much of the country until last year. The people who fought for change were on the right side of history. The people supporting this very stupid, idiotic, law in North Carolina are on the wrong side.

When people support legislation today that promotes discrimination and hatred, they show which side of the line they would have stood during the 1960’s.

Loretty Lynch laid down the law Monday with grace, class, and dignity, something the Republican leaders in North Carolina seriously lack. Do you remember when Republicans were ecstatic over Eric Holder leaving the Department of Justice?

They should just toss this law and spin it around their heads like a helicopter.

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Ted Cruz In Attendance


U.S. Republican Senator Ted Cruz spent a lot of time politicking against the nomination of Loretta Lynch to the post of Attorney General. A few days ago he swore he’d vote against the nomination. On the senate floor Thursday he continued to rail against her. As the senate voted to make Lynch the first black female Attorney General, Cruz missed the vote because he was in Texas raising money for his presidential campaign. At least he wasn’t play golf, right?

Cruz has stated he’d attend his daughter’s gay wedding…if she was gay. It’s amazing that not only does the press perceive Republicans to be such horrible creatures that they have to ask if they’d attend a gay wedding, but that the Republicans see themselves that way as well.

Of course the odds of Ted Cruz being invited to a gay wedding is about as likely as Ted Cruz being invited to, well, Loretta Lynch’s swearing in ceremony.

I Beg Your Pardon?


Breitbart.com is a conservative news site. It’s very much propaganda for the GOP and it caters to right wing nut jobs and often disguises conspiracy theories as news. It has a history of being very unreliable.

Yesterday Breitbart published a story on about how Obama’s Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch, was one of Bill Clinton’s defense lawyers during his impeachment trial and how she had a history as a political operative for the Democrats. How dare Obama nominate a political hack to such an important post. Unfortunately Brietbart had the wrong Loretta Lynch. The Loretta Lynch nominated by Obama is currently a United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Another difference between the two Lynches is that one is white and the other is black. Can’t get anything past those eagle eyed journalist at Breitbart.

So how does Breitbart handle this journalistic snafu? They run a correction. Of course the correction ran at the bottom of their story which most of their readers would never bother to read. The correction destroyed the entire purpose for the story.

The page looked something like this: Horrible person nominated for Attorney General! Obama is terrible! Outrage! Sound the right wing alarms! Panic in the streets! Activist! Activist! We’re all going to be constitutionally violated! Oops. never mind.

You would think they would pull the story and replace it with another describing journalism fail along with an apology. No. They did eventually pull the story after the story became the story. Still following?

A good reporter finds sources. They research. They bone up. They look up history. They make phone calls. If all else fails they can do a simple Google search or even, Heaven forbid, consult Wikipedia. Any of that would have been more accurate and resourceful than Breitbart’s coverage.

Breitbart’s good at riling up it’s base with wacky inaccurate stories. Along with The Blaze and The Daily Caller it’s also a great place to find racist rants left in the comments under each of their stories. Keep that in mind next time you want to share one of their stories on social media.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this confusion isn’t still brought up by a Republican during Lynch’s confirmation hearing. Republicans are good at being ridiculous when they’re on camera.

And in case if you don’t get the “beg my pardon” or “rose garden” theme: Country singer Loretta Lynn had a song called “Rose Garden” back in the 1970’s. The line goes “I beg your pardon…I never promised you a rose garden.” My mom played a lot of country music when I was a kid.

Update: I received some messages that the song “Rose Garden” was a Lynn Anderson song, NOT Loretta Lynn. How could I mess up like that? I used Google. I found it on Youtube. Turns out I didn’t mess up. Yes, Lynn Anderson covered the song (it was written by Joe South, the same guy who wrote “Hush” which was covered by Deep Purple) and was also covered by several others including Loretta Lynn. I will give in that the Loretta Lynn version is probably the better known version.

Here’s the Loretta Lynn version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdCCqKPsVVE