Long Table

Props for Putin

I drew the rough for this cartoon last Thursday but passed it over for a few other ideas. But I liked it and hoped to squeeze it in eventually. I’ve always enjoyed drawing the Angel of Death and wanted to take my shot at Putin’s ridiculously long table. I also knew Putin would come through and give me a horrible reason to draw it. Putin came through.

We’ve always known Vladimir Putin wasn’t a nice guy, but did we know he was this terrible? Did we know he’d be willing to murder children for his tiny frail ego? Yesterday, the fascist dictator bombed a maternity hospital in Mariupol. Putin has gone from dropping figurative bombs on democratic elections to dropping literal bombs on baby hospitals.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said without evidence today that there were no patients in the hospital and it was occupied by “Ukrainian militants.” Never mind footage of pregnant women being dug out from under the rubble. I’m shocked they’re not claiming all those future mothers are about to give birth to baby Nazis.

So far, three deaths have been confirmed along with 17 injured, which includes patients and hospital staffers. The Mariupol city council said the strike had caused “colossal damage”, and published footage showing burned-out buildings, destroyed cars, and a huge crater outside the hospital. The BBC has confirmed the location of the video.

Mariupol Deputy Mayor Serhiy Orlov told the BBC, “”We don’t understand how it’s possible in modern life to bomb a children’s hospital. People cannot believe that it’s true.”

It is hard to believe anyone would want to bomb a children’s hospital. But then again, it’s hard to believe one European country would invade another in 2022. But the same Russian who said the hospital was full of militants also said Russia has NOT attacked Ukraine. Russian officials do not want you to believe your eyes.

President Volodymyr Zelensky issued another video, this time in Russian instead of Ukrainian. He wants the people of Russia to see and hear this. In the video, which Marco Rubio has probably already used as a photo-op and shared the location of, Zelensky said, “What kind of a country is Russia, that it is afraid of hospitals and maternity wards and destroys them?”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson ceased party-hopping long enough to say, “There are few things more depraved than targeting the vulnerable and defenseless”.

On Wednesday, the deputy mayor said at least 1,170 civilians had been killed in the city since Russia began its bombardment, and 47 people there were buried in a mass grave. The Red Cross says the city remains without electricity, water, and food and people are dying of dehydration. Evacuations have been cut off from the Russian military surrounding the city.

Now that Vladimir Putin has added baby hospitals to his list of civilian targets, there is no more uncertainty the man is a war criminal and should be brought up on war crimes in the Hague and forced to spend the rest of his life in the former jail cell of Slobodan Milošević. It will take the Russian people to overthrow Putin and send him away for good.

Putin is a tiny man who refuses to even acknowledge his murdering of civilians, not to mention being held accountable. The man won’t even acknowledge he’s started a war.

The only table Vladimir Putin should be seated at is in a prison cafeteria.

Music Note: This cartoon didn’t take very long to draw so I didn’t get a chance to listen to much music while shading and coloring, but I squeezed in some songs by the Zombies.

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