Affluenza Baby


One symptom that you might suffer from Affluenza is when mommy and daddy can purchase high-priced lawyers to help you squirm out of consequences of your bratty behavior.

Affluenza is when you are so rich, spoiled, and privileged that you can not tell the difference between wrong and right. Apparently you suffered and were neglected by being raised in a prosperous and privileged family. I believe that is possible. Maybe Daddy Warbucks did drop the ball with you and today you feel you don’t have to pay for your mistakes, even when you harm and kill others. I think when that happens then it’s a good time for you to start learning the difference between right and wrong, learn some responsibility, and be held accountable for your actions. Hard Knocks U. can be very educational and enlightening.

Ethan Couch is a spoiled, WHITE, kid in Texas. Or he was in Texas before he went on the lamb. Ethan’s father owns a sheet metal company with estimated yearly sales at $15 million. When little Ethan was 13 he drove himself to his fancy pants private school and when the principal questioned it, his father threatened to purchase the school. In 2013 he was busted with alcohol and a naked 14-year-old girl in his pickup. Yeehaw! He got 12 hours of community service, alcohol classes and probation.

Things for Little Privileged Ethan got much worse that same year. On June 15, 2013 he was witnessed on surveillance video stealing two cases of beer from a Walmart, driving with seven passengers in his father’s sweet Ford F-150 pickup truck, and speeding (70 MPH in a designated 40 MPH zone). Three hours after the incident, he had a blood alcohol content of 0.24, three times the legal limit for adult drivers in Texas, and tested positive for Valium. Shortly afterward he killed four pedestrians and seriously injured two others.

His defense attorneys hired a psychologist who testified in court that Ethan was a product of “affluenza” and was unable to link his bad behavior with consequences because of his parents teaching him that wealth buys privilege. As a great example of wealth buying privilege the judge went very light on Ethan and decided not to send him to prison.

Ethan was sentenced to ten years probation and sent to a rehab facility. and ordered not to drink.

Later in 2015 someone uploaded a video on Twitter which alleges Couch was drinking while playing beer pong. Since this is a direct violation of his probation, and he could face ten years in prison. So Couch and his mommy went on the run. Today there is a manhunt for the affluenza baby which involves the FBI and the U.S. Marshals. If you see him you can claim the $5,000 reward for information on his whereabouts.

You have to ask yourself: If Ethan was poor and black would he have avoided prison time? Black kids are being shot just for being outside while being black and Ethan is released after killing four people to go play beer pong. It’s a nice country to live in, especially if you’re the 1%.

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Houston, We Have A Toilet


It’s not every day I get to draw people sitting on toilets. Newspaper editors typically frown on bathroom humor.

I hate scapegoating. I really hate fear mongering and scaring the population as a technique to drum up votes.

I am not comparing anyone to Nazis, but we all know that’s what they did. They didn’t invent it. We scapegoated in America long before Hitler was born. We blamed African Americans, or used them to scare the population.

Voters were warned about freeing blacks. Then they were warned about them voting. People were murdered to keep blacks from voting. After that it was sharing classrooms and soldiers had to be called so children could walk into a school. Of course along the way there were warnings about what would happen to society if interracial marriage became legal. Some people still have issues with that. A family member told me recently that a mixed child (also in our family) won’t be accepted by society. When I pointed out the president as a fine example to prove her wrong that just kind of went over her head. I don’t just piss off readers. I piss off people I’m related to and they stop talking to me. But I digress.

We graduated to fear mongering about Mexicans. We’re still doing that except there’s softer language for it, though it’s not very subtle. Instead of screaming about race or skin color we use the code words “illegal immigrants” as if people are illegal.

There’s hardly anything subtle about Islamophobia. People will tell you that it’s an evil religion and they want to kill all of us, or make us convert to Islam. They will enact Sharia law. Don’t let them build a mosque in your town. We hate Muslims so much that occasionally we’ll beat up a Sikh because you can never be too careful.

Scapegoating people who are poor is still awesome for some people. Poor people blame poor people. They want drug tests for anyone on welfare, like that’s going to change your life. Even after results prove it’s a waste of time people still love the program. I hate you so you should have to pee in a cup. Leave your dignity at the door, freeloader.

And did you hear about the gays? They’re going to make you gay if we accept people being gay as something normal. Gay marriage will somehow ruin your straight marriage. let’s not forget that we can’t let them adopt because they’ll raise gay children.

Pointless blame, hate, and fear has always been stupid but yesterday it achieved new heights in absurdity.

Houston is the largest city in the country without a law making it illegal to fire someone for the simple fact they’re gay. Yeah. Tuesday the voters in that city voted against an anti-discrimination measure. What was the biggest campaign against the measure? Bathrooms. Yes. Public bathrooms. Opponents waged a campaign that men would disguise themselves as women, or as transgenders, and creep into women’s public restrooms to take a gander. They even had an all star baseball player doing commercials where he said “booga booga freaks in bathrooms booga booga.” He said he was afraid for his daughters safety to urinate in public. Who in the Hell is letting little children go to a public restroom alone anyway? Is this a thing in Texas?

Here’s the point. I have never seen security at a public restroom. I haven’t seen any measure to prevent a freak from going into a restroom other than that man/woman symbol on the doors. I don’t think any law is going to invite people with super odd fetishes to stage a freak parade into a public bathroom. The problem doesn’t really exist.

Yeah, there’s people out there with strange fetishes but I’m going to go out on a limb and say most people feel the way I do, and that is there’s nothing exciting about seeing anyone sitting on a toilet.

Ooh la la, I don’t think so.