Justice Jackson

by a 53-47 vote, The United States Senate confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court yesterday, making her the first black woman in history to be on the court. Three Republicans, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski joined every Democrat in voting for her.

There should have been more Republicans voting for Justice Jackson as she’s one of the most qualified judges to ever be nominated for the Supreme Court, if not the most qualified. The three Republicans who voted for her know full well that Jackson will cast votes they disagree with, but they also know she’s qualified and understands the Constitution. These are qualifications the rest of the GOP in the Senate don’t care about, or at least not when their racist cultist base is watching.

Sure, you had Tom Cotton saying she would have defended Nazi war criminals. You had Marsha Blackburn asking her to define “woman.” You had Ted Cruz on a tangent about racist babies. You had Lindsey Graham upset and flailing his arms around about something or others. And then there was Josh Hawley, the goon who gave a fist salute to terrorists, being the ringleader for the attacks painting her as soft on pedophiles. But where were the more rational members of the GOP during this?

I get there was no hope to get votes from Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Tommy Tuberville, Chuck Grassley, or Rick Scott, even though some of them have voted for her in the past. But why didn’t Mitch McConnell vote for her? Voting for her could have helped his arguments for stealing Supreme Court seats and had made him look somewhat reasonable.

Why didn’t Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy vote for her? Cassidy voted to impeach Trump so he’s somewhat reasonable. John Kennedy once rejected a Trump nominee for a lower court because he was unqualified…so why reject someone who is?

Others I could see crossing party lines to vote for her are Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, Ben Sasse, Rob Portman, Jim Inhofe, Pat Toomey, John Cornyn, Mike Lee, and Tim Scott.

Tim Scott is the only black Republican in the Senate. He’s acknowledged racism from conservatives at times, so why join the racists in rejecting the first black woman on the Supreme Court? I know he represents South Carlina, but he could have chosen to be a powerful voice in doing the right thing. His vote to confirm could have prompted more yes votes from his side of the aisle. Besides, he had voted for her in the past.

And Lindsey Graham…this guy previously voted to confirm Judge Jackson to federal courts…twice. In fact…a lot of these Republicans had supported Jackson in the past.

Which Republicans voted to confirm Judge Jackson to federal courts in the past? They are Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Chuck Grassley, Richard Shelby, Mitch McConnell, Mitch Inhofe, John Cornyn, Mike Crapo, Richard Burr, John Thune, John Barrasso, Roger Wicker, Jim Risch, Roy Blunt, Jerry Moran, Rob Portman, John Boozman, Pat Toomey, John Hoeven, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Deb Fischer, Tim Scott…wait for it…Ted Cruz.

So what happened between these Republicans voting yes to voting no? Did they not do their research last time? Did Judge Jackson do something new and despicable between the votes? Or…hear me out…the cameras were on?

After the vote and while Democrats celebrated, the Republicans walked out of the chamber. They went from voting for her to voting no to being disgusted she was confirmed. Republicans are all a bunch of posers who won’t even consider doing what’s right if there’s a camera in the room. They all just want to grovel and appeal to their MAGA racist bases…even the black guy.

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson won’t change the political makeup of the court. Conservatives hold a 6-3 advantage. But I hope President Biden gets another appointment. Hell, the orange ass-clown got three. I’m looking long-term. I hope the future brings us Democratic presidents who get Supreme Court nominations who will stop Republicans from putting justices on the bench dragging this nation backward.

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is a step in the right direction.

How disgusting do you have to be to be proud it’s on your record that you voted against the first black woman on the Supreme Court?

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