Katie Hill

Lesbian Bong Blow


Revenge porn is despicable, ugly, and unethical. So naturally, Republicans are all over it.

California representative Katie Hill has resigned after revelations were made that while she was a candidate, she and her husband were mutually involved in an extramarital relationship with a female campaign staffer. Hill has acknowledged this. Her estranged husband has claimed she also engaged in an affair with a male staffer after she was in office. Hill has denied this charge.

As others have pointed out, the story wasn’t presented as breaking news but more like bombs with the intention of humiliating Hill. They were accompanied by naked photos of her and were published in the Daily Mail and the Republican blog, Red State.

Republicans are laughing and rejoicing over this, and not just because it opens a congressional seat that Hill flipped to Democrats in 2018. No, Republicans are rejoicing because they’re cruel. I’ve seen posts by several conservatives saying it’s her fault the photos became public. Why, if she didn’t want them exposed then she never should have had them taken or even engaged in such shenanigans.

You can argue about Hill’s actions with a campaign staffer. There should be an investigation into whether she engaged in a sexual relationship with a congressional staffer. But you shouldn’t be enjoying or sharing her photos. Why? It’s not her fault they’re out there and secondly, they’re not yours to share.

Whenever I hear about leaked photos from someone’s iPhone, cloud, or whatever, I don’t go searching for them. No, I don’t have a high horse. I’m not perfect. But I refuse to support the invasion of someone’s privacy or the theft of their property. I don’t buy the argument that it’s their fault for taking the photos. I don’t buy it’s their fault for their behavior. I don’t buy that I have a right to their private photos because they’ve posed nude in the past. Their privacy and property don’t belong to me or you. I won’t support the thieves who stole it. The same people who are blaming Hill for the publication of her private photos will shout you down for sharing photos from Melania Trump’s past, which were for publications she chose to pose for.

In Hill’s case, we didn’t need the photos for the story. We had the story. The photos were put out there to shame her by her estranged husband who shared them on porn sites. If anything, he should be brought up on criminal charges.

The reason for Hill’s resignation isn’t right either. She didn’t resign after an investigation proved she broke a law or an oath. She resigned because of revenge porn. There’s a double standard here.

The troglodytes who are getting off on this revenge porn overlook the fact that Congressman Duncan Hunter, also from California, was indicted on a charge of using campaign funds to support extramarital affairs with five women, and still hasn’t stepped down. Did I mention that was with FIVE women? Why is he still in office? Two reasons. He’s male and he’s a Republican.

It was only last year the House began prohibiting relationships between representatives and staffers, after decades or male congressman getting away with it. The first to be punished for it is an openly bisexual woman.

And then there’s the fact that while Republicans hoot and wag their fingers, they’re supporting a president who has bragged he’s grabbed women “by the pussy” and has been accused from assault to rape from over 20 women.

And Republicans are all about outing. Currently, they’re engaged in smearing a highly-decorated veteran as a spy for Ukraine, and they’re trying to out the whistleblower. It doesn’t bother Republicans they’re assaulting a veteran who still carries shrapnel in his body. It doesn’t matter to them that by exposing the whistleblower, they may endanger his life, as his lawyers have been facing death threats.

Republicans are constantly engaged in a scorched-earth campaign. But it’s fun to watch it burn them.

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