Kathy Griffin Hate Crime

Kathy Gets A Head


Liberals are supposed to be tolerant, especially when compared to Republicans. Most are. But when you start wishing violence and even death on your opposition, you’re not any better than Ted Nugent.

The libs who post such nonsense justify it by saying their target is worthy of a death wish. No, they’re not. Not even Donald Trump. Hell, not even Ted Cruz (who even a few Republicans have wished violence upon). It’s not cool. It’s NEVER cool.

I wish I could say it’s uncommon, but that would be a lie. I see posts from liberals wishing very hateful things on Trump and his administration quite frequently. It disgusts me. It’s not a nice thing to do, especially when you’re supposed to be going high when they go low, and it destroys your argument….unless your argument is armed insurgency.

The comedian Kathy Griffin staged a photo shoot this week with her holding a prop of a bloody Donald Trump head. Conservatives immediately went after her and a lot of them said it was typical of liberals. Donald Trump Jr., who’s usually chopping off heads of wildlife, tweeted “it’s not surprising.” He also said, “imagine if conservatives did this to Obama as POTUS” (they did). Most liberals were disgusted too. Chelsea Clinton condemned it and you know she’s not a fan of Donald Trump.

Conservatives also stated that Kathy Griffin isn’t funny anymore. Dudes and dudettes, Kathy Griffin was NEVER funny. Never. Never ever. I’ve been told that women find her funny but women also think cats are interesting, so who knows (I’m gonna get some shit for that one).

Griffin posted a video “begging” for forgiveness. Seriously? It took backlash for you to realize that posing with a bloody Trump head was a bad idea? Kathy Griffin does not represent liberals or any political ideology. She’s an idiot.

As I said, it’s not cool. I didn’t even like it last week when Bloom County cartoonist Berkeley Breathed scammed the internet with a fake letter from Donald Trump’s attorney that was threatening a lawsuit. The internet believed it. They had a hard time believing it was a fake because left or right, everyone has confirmation bias. I was even accused of being a sycophant for Trump when I pointed out it was fake. How dare I reveal the truth.

We want to believe the worst about the people we hate, even if it’s not true. If you hate the guy you’re less likely to do any research into the shit you find on the internet. I found it ironic that so many liberals were falling for “fake news” over the Breathed thing. As it turns out, he was just trying to sell some crappy T-Shirts.

Here’s the thing, peeps: You don’t have to make stuff up. Donald Trump will legitimately overreact and threaten to sue somebody. He’s done it before. And if given enough time, he’ll cut off his own head.

The other thing is: You just gave the perpetually victimized Republicans another reason to whine. They already believe their whiteness, Christianity, and Christmas itself, is under attack by progressives. You give them an even bigger reason to go all snowflake on us.

Even Trump freaked out about the Kathy Griffin pic. He must have stopped his “covfefe” in mid-tweet to freak out. He tweeted that it disturbed his son, Barron. Dude, are your nannies not supervising his online viewing habits? Was the picture posted at Pornhub? But hey, no one’s supervising The Donald’s internet usage so why would they with Barron?

During the Obama administration, effigies of him were hung. Posters were created to make him look like a terrorist. Ted Nugent threatened to shoot him (did he ever apologize?). Obama’s critics accused him of being a Muslim-terrorist sympathizer who wasn’t born in this nation. Obama kept his head above it all (no pun intended). But we’re talking about Trump here. A man who believes he’s the most unfairly treated president in the history of presidents…or people. So good job, Kathy. You gave Republicans another reason, when they usually just make them up, to whine to pretend they’re oppressed.

Griffin is a correspondent for CNN during their New Years Even broadcast with Anderson Cooper. There’s talk that CNN may ditch her for this event. New Years is six months from now but conservatives have a long memory when it comes to butt-hurt. I think they should fire her, and if it’s for this, so be it. She doesn’t bring any newsworthy to their network or broadcast. Whoops! Just got the update. CNN just axed her (pun totally intended). She also lost a gig endorsing Squatty Potty which is something I don’t want to research.

And Trump, who already hates women, shouldn’t spend too much fretting about Kathy Griffin. Robert Mueller is coming for his head.

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