Putin Kanye

I have heard that Kanye West, or Ye as he’s now going by, is a musical genius. I can’t deny or confirm he’s a musical genius because I’ve never listened to him which might be a bit weird since I’ve done a lot of cartoons on the guy. But, since I’ve heard this description from people I respect, like Trevor Noah, I’m gonna go along with it. This is unlike with Donald Trump, where the only people who call him a genius are morons, and with Vladimir Putin, where the only person who’s called him a genius is moron Donald Trump.

Kanye starts nearly as many feuds as Donald Trump, but even Trump ceases his feuds with his ex-wives. Lately, Kanye has feuded with D.L. Hughley, Trevor Noah, and Pete Davidson. But it’s his feud with his ex-wife that is cause for the biggest concern.

Sending threatening tweets to Hughley and Noah is one thing. He has been suspended by Instagram for a racist attack on Trevor Noah and also banned from performing at this year’s Grammy Awards, which for a lot of people, would be about as damaging as being sanctioned by Putin (Hillary Clinton thanked him for the honor). But harassing the mother of your children is an entirely and much more dangerous thing. It’s bullying, harassment, and abuse. And yes, you can abuse a person without ever physically touching them.

I’m very fortunate to have divorced the person I divorced. I don’t mean that like I’m lucky to get out of that relationship. I mean I’m lucky she’s a very good person. I’m lucky that the woman I had a child with is Michelle. I’m lucky she’s a good mom. I’m lucky she never attacked me in front of my son or used him against me. We’re not perfect and we fought, but we didn’t drag out son into it. I’m lucky she married Kenny, a good man I was fortunate to have my son around. I’m lucky to be friends with my ex-wife and her husband. I’m lucky we didn’t Kanye this shit. I’m lucky I can consider both of them family, which I do. We divorced when our son was ten and for the next decade-plus, I had him every Christmas, every summer, and every spring break, and Michelle never once even tried to prevent a visit. If anything, she encouraged it and I’d get an occasional extra week.
But I wasn’t so lucky when I was a kid.

I didn’t meet my father until I was 21. And before then, there was no contact initiated by him. The man went for a pack of cigarettes before I was two years old, and he never returned. He walked out on me, my older sister, and our mom. On my 13th birthday, my mom told me my father had called and was on the phone to talk to me for the first time in my life, but I didn’t hear the phone ring. My mom never said bad things about my father to me even though she had that right in that he had abandoned us. Like covering for my father when she called him to tell me “happy birthday,” she didn’t do it for him, but for me. I know this. But after I met him, all she could do was attack him. But I was 21 then and could take it and I also felt she had some justification to do that. Her stuff was petty sniping and little digs here and there. My father, on the other hand, was engaged in an outright smear campaign.
My father told me things no parent should tell their children about their other parent, like graphic sexual details. My father was bitter and obviously still in love with my mom…but he hated her too and expressed his resentment every chance he could. It was a failed campaign from the start since he was attacking a person who had been there for 21 years while he wasn’t. The only consolation I had when my father told me horrible things about my mother was the fact he was a liar. Even my last name is a lie. I loved my father while at the same time believing he was a bitter alcoholic piece of shit. The old racist paid dues to the NRA but never once paid child support. Then again, I was lucky in this situation. I was lucky my father didn’t raise me. The only resentment I have with my father today is with myself. I resent that I didn’t give him the ass-kicking at least once he richly deserved. The only reason I didn’t do that was because of how my mom raised me.
Each time one of my parents spoke ill of the other, I thought less of the parent doing the attacking. But I took a lesson from that and have never said anything negative about my son’s mother in front of him. I know he doesn’t want to hear it just like I didn’t want to hear it. Any issues my ex and I had with each other weren’t supposed to be his issues. Besides, I could never convince or manipulate him to hate his mother. Why would I want that anyway? For that matter, I’ve never said bad things to him about his stepdad. And if I had, my son would think less of me today for it. I refer to Kenny as my husband-in-law.

These are lessons Kanye needs to learn. Kanye needs help and oddly enough, some of the people he’s feuding with are the ones trying to help him. Pete Davidson, who is the boyfriend of Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s ex and the mother of their four children, has reached out to help Kanye despite his constant attacks. Trevor Noah made a public plea for Kanye to get help, which is why Kanye turned around and attacked him. Leave it to Noah to explain it best.

In a ten-minute segment on The Daily Show, Noah said of Kanye’s attacks on his ex-wife, “It touches on something that is more sensitive and more serious than people would like to admit. I know everyone thinks it’s a big marketing stunt. Two things can be true: Kim likes publicity. Kim is also being harassed. Those things can be happening at the same time. ‘Cause I’ll be honest with you, what I see from this situation — I see a woman who wants to live her life without being harassed by an ex-boyfriend or an ex-husband or an ex-anything.”

Noah also said, “What she’s going through is terrifying to watch, and it shines a spotlight on what so many women go through when they choose to leave.”

Noah has experience with this as he watched his stepfather’s abuse of his mother be ignored…until he shot her in the head.

Noah said, “The point is that Kim Kardashian and countless other women, they find themselves in a terrible position, you know? Because asking Kanye to stop clearly isn’t helping.”
“What we’re seeing though is one of the most powerful, richest women in the world, unable to get her ex to stop texting her, to stop chasing after her, to stop harassing her. Just think about that for a moment. Think about how powerful Kim Kardashian is, and she can’t get that to happen. … If she cannot escape this, then what chance do normal women have?”

Trevor Noah is also a fan, telling Kanye, “There are few artists who have had more of an impact on me than you, Ye. You took samples and turned them into symphonies. You’re an indelible part of my life, Ye. Which is why it breaks my heart to see you like this. I don’t care if you support Trump and I don’t care if you roast Pete. I do however care when I see you on a path that’s dangerously close to peril and pain.”

What Trevor Noah received for making a public appeal to Kanye, and in support of abused women everywhere, was an attack from Kanye. But Kanye should listen to Trevor Noah as he’s in touch and probably one of the smartest guys out there with a giant platform to speak from.

When you have a child with another person, you’re in a relationship, or at least you should be, with that person for the rest of your life, whether you’re with them or not. The child is more important than the bullshit between the two of you. At the very least, you will have to work with that person until the child is 21. Kanye should get help for himself, but he should do it more importantly for Kim and their children.

Seek help, Ye, as right now, You’re the bad guy, just like Vladimir Putin.

Music Note: While coloring today’s cartoon, I listened to a little Sugar Ray.

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Peppa Putin


The crazy thing is, Vladimir Putin has less of a legitimate beef with Ukraine than Kanye West has with Peppa Pig.

Putin built up forces around Ukraine, surrounding it on three sides, without any real reason. Russia has been picking on Ukraine for years, annexing Crimea back in 2014. This current beef is over the future of Ukraine and Putin’s fears it’ll someday join NATO, which could block Putin’s access to the Black Sea. But, what Ukraine does with NATO is a matter of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Putin has placed about 190,000 troops on the Russian and Belarusian border with Ukraine. Then, Putin said he was going to pull his troops back. After saying he wouldn’t recognize two separatist regions in Ukraine, today he announced he’s recognizing them and is sending in “peacekeeping” troops. So much for pulling his troops back.

Rebels in Ukraine don’t control as much area in Ukraine as they claim belongs to them. The big question here is: Will Putin just send in peacekeeping troops to what they control or to all they claim? Also, a month or so ago, President Biden said any incursion into Ukraine will be seen as an invasion. So far, they’re not calling this incursion an invasion. This may also be Putin’s way of saving face.

Putin has sent a list of demands which include that Ukraine never becomes a member of NATO and that Nato removes any troops or weapons deployed to countries that entered the alliance after 1997, which would include Poland, the former Soviet countries of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and the Balkan countries. He’s also demanding that NATO never hold drills in eastern Europe, Ukraine, Georgia, or central Asia. Putin also wants the restoration of a nuclear missile treaty that Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of in 2018. With none of these demands being met, Putin may try to save face by only occupying territory that’s already occupied by pro-Russian forces. A full invasion will bring harsh sanctions Russia can’t afford. Today, Germany declared the Russian-owned Nord Stream 2, a pipeline delivering Russian oil to western Europe through Germany, dead. Russia does not want to lose that money.

So what’s Kanye’s beef with Peppa?

Peppa has a better album than Kanye, according to someone somewhere. That has upset Kanye. But is that fair? Don’t a lot of people and farm animal cartoon characters have better albums than Kanye?

To be fair, I only know a tad more about Kanye than I do about Peppa Pig. I know Kanye was married to one of the Kardashians who is now dating Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson. I know Kanye is a rapper. I know Kanye loves Donald Trump and even got to visit the Oval Office. I know Kanye probably has some mental issues. I just found out Peppa Pig is British and female. I saw the movie “Snatch.” I do NOT want to go anywhere near any British pig farms. Thanks to that movie, I’m more afraid of British pigs and Gypsies than I am of Kanye.

Over the weekend, Kanye posted an enemies list which consisted of Apple, Spotify, Vivendi, Universal, Lucien Grange, Tik Tok, Black History Month, President Obama, the entire cast of SNL (not just the one sleeping with his wife), Hillary Clinton, the Devil, Corey Gamble, Jeff Bezos, Charlamagne, Disney, “Librals,” Skete, Wiz Khalifa, Jay-Z, Billie Eilish, Ray J, Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Kimmel, Harriet Tubman, Travis Scott, J. Cole, South Park, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, TMZ, American Music Awards, Beck, Drake, his wife, and Peppa Pig.

I know. The list has a lot more questions (Harriet Tubman?), but let’s focus on Peppa Pig. What’d Peppa Pig do to Kanye? Pitchfork, which is something that rates albums (God, I’m old) gave Kanye’s “Donda” album a 6.0 rating. It gave Peppa Pig’s soundtrack a 6.5 rating. Kanye hosted listening events in Chicago and Atlanta, which Ms. Pig noticed along with the Pitchfork ratings and tweeted, “Peppa didn’t need to host listening parties in Mercedes-Benz stadium to get that .5.”

Probably realizing it could start a new east coast/west coast feud, Peppa quickly deleted the tweet, but not before fans noticed that a cartoon British pig was throwing shade at Kanye, and not doing a half-bad job with it.

You don’t see Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky throwing shade at Vladimir Putin with tweets saying things like, “Yo, Pootie. Saw shirtless photo, Volody don’t need no bra.”

Putin and Kanye are both friends of Donald Trump. They’ve both had one-on-one meetings with the guy. Donald Trump has also met with both without bringing along a translator.

But if nothing else, Peppa Pig is the one who started the fight. So maybe my cartoon’s wrong. Maybe despite Kanye being a bully in the past (harassing Taylor Swift) and being a Trump fan like Putin, Peppa is the real bully here. Peppa wanna be starting something. Maybe Peppa and Putin could be possibly putting on a co-production of Peter Piper picking a peck of pickled pickles in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Couldn’t Putin just do what Kanye did? Make an enemies list and stop there? Trump has.

Music Note: I resumed listening to the White Stripes’ “Elephant” album while drawing this cartoon.

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Kanye For Trump


He refers to himself as Michael the Black Man. And whether he goes by the name Michael Symonette, Maurice Woodside, or Mikael Israel, when he is at a Trump rally, he is THE black man.

If you Google for images of “blacks for trump,” you’ll find pics of Michael the Black Man at Trump rallies squarely positioned behind Trump where the cameras can spot him. You’ll also find a lot of photos of white people holding “blacks for Trump” signs.

It’s Michael who some in the media were curious about. Saturday Night Live had a lot of fun mocking the guy. The Washington Post ran a story on him where they reported he runs a slew of conspiracy sites and he has called Barack Obama “The Beast,” Hillary Clinton a Ku Klux Klan member, and Oprah Winfrey the devil. In the 1990s, he was charged, then acquitted, with conspiracy to commit two murders.

Trump gave the guy a shout-out at one rally. This week, he gave a shout-out to Kanye West, who has turned out to be a Trump supporter, though he doesn’t vote. Trump loves to point out the diversity of his supporters, which got a hard eight percent of the black vote.

Trump has also pointed out Diamond and Silk, the strange sisters from North Carolina who run a YouTube channel defending Trump. The two women were on Capitol Hill this week, invited by Republicans to testify how Facebook is discriminating against conservatives and Trump voters. Never mind the fact that Congress is not in the business of regulating Facebook, they were there. Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu of California said it was a “stupid and ridiculous hearing.” Stupid and ridiculous has become the new normal.

You can look at Trump’s white supporters like Ted Nugent, or his black supporters like Michael the Black Man, Diamond and Silk, or Kanye West. The one demographic Donald Trump has cornered are people out of their freaking gourds.

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Obama’s Nominee


The Republicans have truly lost their minds.

They’re screaming against Obama’s nomination for the Supreme Court before he’s even made one. With all the vitriol you would think Obama had already submitted his choice and it was a black-Puerto Rican lesbian atheist, abortion provider with a cold sore…or Kanye West.

The GOP says the people need to have a vote in this. They do and they made that vote in 2008 and again in 2012. Maybe only white presidents get a full eight years out of two terms. Black guys only get seven. What’s next? Are they going to demand that he not use Air Force One, the White House, the White House china, the plumbing, for the rest of the year?

It’s a dumb argument to have and yet we have to have it. Why? Because the Republican is full of people who are not rational and lack the ability to comprehend.

I know the GOP doesn’t respect the president but with this tactic they’re disrespecting the presidency and the Constitution. Shame on all of them.

“What’s the deal with Kanye West?” My older, unhip, white readers might be asking. Hey, I’m not that hip either. But I know who Kanye is and that he’s a grade A Plus ass. He’s the guy that makes black people say we won’t blame all white people for Donald Trump if you don’t blame us for Kanye.

Kanye is making the news for saying he wouldn’t attend the Grammys if he didn’t win the award for Best Album, even though he wasn’t nominated. He also talked about how he made Taylor Swift and stands a good chance of shagging her. THEN…yes, there’s a then…he went on Twitter and asked Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars. Yeah, Twitter is the social media tool you want to use to connect to Mark Zuckerberg. He probably goes to McDonalds and asks for free Whoppers.

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