Barr Chokes Justice


Eric Garner’s death at the hands of New York City police was one of several fatal encounters that gave life to the Black Lives Movement. It has been five years since Garner’s death and justice still has not been served. It’s events like this that totally justifies the BLM movement and protests, such as kneeling during the national anthem.

Garner was approached by cops on Staten Island on suspicion of selling loose cigarettes from packs without tax stamps. One of the police officers, Daniel Pantaleo put Garner into a chokehold while other officers held him on the ground. After the chokehold was removed, he pushed Garner’s face into the ground while four officers held him down. Garner told the officers he couldn’t breath eleven times before losing consciousness. None of the officers attempted CRP on Garner at the scene. He died an hour after arriving at the hospital.

Pantaleo denied choking Garner despite there being multiple cellphone recordings of it by bystanders. NYPD policy prohibits chokeholds but despite the no-chokeholds policy, an NYC Medical Examiner and an NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau determining that a chokehold was used (and disciplinary charges recommended), an independent autopsy finding hemorrhaging around Garner’s neck, and a $5.9 million out-of-court settlement with Garner’s family, Pantaleo is still an NYPD cop and not in prison for killing Eric Garner.

Attorney General William Barr also believes there shouldn’t be charges as he has ordered the Justice Department to drop the case.

The U.S. attorney in Brooklyn said the “evidence does not support charging Police Officer Pantaleo with federal civil rights violation,” despite the evidence that Garner is no longer alive. A secret grand jury chose not to indict Pantaleo, proving the adage true that you can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, but not a cop.

There was debate within the Justice Department over charging the officer, which started during the Obama administration and stretched into the Trump era of politicizing the department. I’m sure this decision weighs on Barr’s conscience about as much lying about the Mueller Report.

The cop wasn’t charged in Ferguson. The cop who killed a kid in Cleveland wasn’t charged. Now, this cop isn’t going to be charged. With decisions like this compounded by the fact we have an openly racist president, a political base cheering his racism on, and a complicit Republican Party, the Black Lives Matter movement is needed now more than ever. There are too many villains and not enough people speaking up. Now, we need heroes.

In a nation that has more outrage at a black athlete kneeling during a song than it does at police killing unarmed black men…and boys, and presidential hate rallies where the crowd chants “send her back,” it’s easy to lose faith in your country. But you have to remember that when Black Lives Matter is speaking out, that this is just as much their country as it is the Trump crowd.

Donald Trump and William Barr, and all those who follow them are working to tear this nation down by promoting hate. Where we can find faith is in the people who are fighting to save our country.

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Grabbing Sessions


With Alabama Senator and Elmer Fudd lookalike Jefferson Beauregard Sessions becoming Attorney General, that department’s “justice” will only be in the name. Even his name is kinda racist. This guy probably snores the n-word (I stole that joke).

Sessions has voiced hostility toward the department for not defending a federal ban on gay marriage. Look for sessions to wipe away progress in civil rights and police accountability. He’s likely to push Trump’s hard-line agenda on immigration, guns, terrorism, and drugs.

Sessions is one of the most anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-L.G.B.T. voices in the Senate. He once called the Voting Rights Act of 1965 a “piece of intrusive legislation.” He once brought voter-fraud charges against three civil rights workers trying to register black voters in rural Alabama who were eventually acquitted. He has voted against legislation that would lower charges against low-level drug offenders. Instead he would fight to continue the for-profit private prison system by implementing more mandatory-minimum sentences and harsher punishments for drug crimes.

Sessions’ nomination to a federal judgeship was voted down by the Senate in the 1980s after accusations of making racist comments such as calling a black prosecutor “boy,” and using the n-word.

He’s also described groups like the N.A.A.C.P. and the American Civil Liberties Union as “un-American” and joked that the Ku Klux Klan was “okay, until he learned that they smoked marijuana.” He also said  “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” He wasn’t joking that time. It’ll be interesting, and perhaps scary, how he deals with states that have legalized the stuff.

On top of everything else, he’s game for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

If Trump wants a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton, Sessions will be the person to make that call where millions will be spent in another pointless investigation of the Clintons.

Is the joke that Donald Trump will be president setting in for you yet?

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No Justice For Tamir


Prosecutors usually prosecute. That’s their job. When it comes to prosecuting police, some act more like defense lawyers.

Cleveland police shot 12-year-0ld Tamir Rice within two seconds of stopping their cruiser a few feet from him. Rice was playing in a park with a toy gun. A citizen called the police and said he thought the person with a gun was a juvenile and the gun could be a toy. The dispatcher didn’t convey either of those points to the responding officers.

Prosecutors usually work closely with police. So when it comes time to see if they should be charged for shooting someone, the prosecutor can be resistant. That’s what happened in Ferguson.

Prosecutors put together a grand jury and they control the process and the information the jurors are exposed to. California, realizing there could be conflicts of interest, doesn’t allow grand juries to make decisions on charging the police in shootings. In the Cleveland case, the prosecutor brought in witnesses and evidence that pointed toward it being a “perfect storm of human error.” Tamir Rice’s mother described it more as a sabotage.

The defense centers on the police mistaking the fake gun as a real gun. But even then, should police shoot someone within two seconds? Tamir was playing with a toy gun. Some police shouldn’t be playing with real ones.

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Affluenza Baby


One symptom that you might suffer from Affluenza is when mommy and daddy can purchase high-priced lawyers to help you squirm out of consequences of your bratty behavior.

Affluenza is when you are so rich, spoiled, and privileged that you can not tell the difference between wrong and right. Apparently you suffered and were neglected by being raised in a prosperous and privileged family. I believe that is possible. Maybe Daddy Warbucks did drop the ball with you and today you feel you don’t have to pay for your mistakes, even when you harm and kill others. I think when that happens then it’s a good time for you to start learning the difference between right and wrong, learn some responsibility, and be held accountable for your actions. Hard Knocks U. can be very educational and enlightening.

Ethan Couch is a spoiled, WHITE, kid in Texas. Or he was in Texas before he went on the lamb. Ethan’s father owns a sheet metal company with estimated yearly sales at $15 million. When little Ethan was 13 he drove himself to his fancy pants private school and when the principal questioned it, his father threatened to purchase the school. In 2013 he was busted with alcohol and a naked 14-year-old girl in his pickup. Yeehaw! He got 12 hours of community service, alcohol classes and probation.

Things for Little Privileged Ethan got much worse that same year. On June 15, 2013 he was witnessed on surveillance video stealing two cases of beer from a Walmart, driving with seven passengers in his father’s sweet Ford F-150 pickup truck, and speeding (70 MPH in a designated 40 MPH zone). Three hours after the incident, he had a blood alcohol content of 0.24, three times the legal limit for adult drivers in Texas, and tested positive for Valium. Shortly afterward he killed four pedestrians and seriously injured two others.

His defense attorneys hired a psychologist who testified in court that Ethan was a product of “affluenza” and was unable to link his bad behavior with consequences because of his parents teaching him that wealth buys privilege. As a great example of wealth buying privilege the judge went very light on Ethan and decided not to send him to prison.

Ethan was sentenced to ten years probation and sent to a rehab facility. and ordered not to drink.

Later in 2015 someone uploaded a video on Twitter which alleges Couch was drinking while playing beer pong. Since this is a direct violation of his probation, and he could face ten years in prison. So Couch and his mommy went on the run. Today there is a manhunt for the affluenza baby which involves the FBI and the U.S. Marshals. If you see him you can claim the $5,000 reward for information on his whereabouts.

You have to ask yourself: If Ethan was poor and black would he have avoided prison time? Black kids are being shot just for being outside while being black and Ethan is released after killing four people to go play beer pong. It’s a nice country to live in, especially if you’re the 1%.

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Blazing Paranoia


Earlier this week a fan on social media shared one of my cartoons and said it was “Monty Pythonesque.” That’s high praise.  Today I decided to steal from Mel Brooks’ movie Blazing Saddles. A true classic.

Obama wants to reform the judicial system. He’s not the only one. A lot of Republicans want to also, though they might want to go about it differently.

The president has ordered the release of 6,000 non-violent prisoners convicted of drug charges. Releasing 6,000 will not make much of a dent in our prison population. And despite the fears of a lot of conservatives like Bill O’Reilly, it’s not a threat to society.

The United States has the largest prison population in the world. Many of those are non-violent drug users. This is insane. Rehabilitation for many of these prisoners would be a lot more cost effective, and better suited for prisoners and society, than sitting in a cell.

We do need to reform our judicial system. There are three parts I believe in.

We need to legalize marijuana. It’s no more of a threat than alcohol and it’s not a gateway drug or something that kills people or ruin lives.

We need to end mandatory sentencing. Judging should be left to judges, not legislators.

We need to end private prisons. No one should be making a profit in punishing people. What’s next? For profit executions?

Back to this prisoner release: Some of them will end up back in prison. You can’t have a group of 6,000 of group without someone getting in trouble. It’s going to happen and then look for the likes of Bill O’Reilly to paint it as a Willie Horton situation.

O’Reilly played the race card. He says there’s a racial component for Obama to release these prisoners. On a recent show of his he said this is driven by race with Barack Obama. I know it is. I know it’s race: The cops are huntin’ down inner-city black dealers. They don’t care about the white collar dealers. That’s what’s motivating this.

This is why everyone who watches Fox News is angry. They need to stop scaring old white people like that.

Here’s a couple of roughs I played around with before I settled on my final idea.

WP_20151103_001 WP_20151104_001

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