Justice Kennedy

Erode Us With SCROTUS


The stealing of a Supreme Court appointment from President Barack Obama should not have been allowed to happen, because Republicans are hypocrites and liars.

Within the first 24 hours after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he wouldn’t allow a confirmation process for any Obama appointment. He kept the seat open for more than a year on the argument that it was an election year and the people should decide the appointment with their vote. Never mind they had decided in 2012 by giving Obama another four years to fulfill the duties of the executive branch, one of which is appointing Supreme Court justices when there’s a vacancy. McConnell’s job, as a United States Senator, is to advise and consent. He didn’t even hold a hearing.

Yesterday, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement and within hours McConnell said the Senate will vote on Trump’s next nominee this fall. But, it’s an election year with only four months left before Election Day, which is much less time than the vacancy Scalia left and McConnell held open.

If you’re like me, you probably thought we had a new rule that we don’t hold hearings and confirmation votes on new justices during election years. Isn’t that hypocrisy? Yes, it is. Do Republicans care? They do not. Have they explained the hypocrisy? Of course not. They haven’t even tried. Yesterday, McConnell said, “It’s imperative that the president’s nominee be treated fairly.” I hope Obama and Merrick Garland, his nominee, weren’t trying to swallow any fluids when they heard that.

McConnell didn’t just stop at creating a new rule for not holding hearings and a vote. When it came time to finally hold a vote, he changed the rules so there couldn’t be a filibuster and lowered the bar from 60 votes to 50 for a confirmation. Trump’s nominee Neil Gorsuch has asterisks all over him. Democrat’s can’t stop it. They don’t have the votes and they can’t filibuster. The best they can do is appeal to the Republicans’ consciences. I hope you were trying to swallow any fluids when you read that.

Now, Donald Trump, a man who shouldn’t be allowed to make selections off the menu at McDonald’s is going to have at least two picks for the Supreme Court. The first pick wasn’t his as it belonged to Obama. This second pick, it probably shouldn’t be his either since his victory was boosted by Russian interference. If anything, this pick for Kennedy’s replacement is Vladimir Putin’s pick. Maybe that’s what Trump will talk to him about at their upcoming summit.

This is extremely bad for America. Kennedy was a swing vote, who is a conservative but independent enough to side with liberals on issues like abortion and gay marriage. There have been several votes that went 5-4 with Kennedy being the deciding vote. He sided with putting Bush in office, stripping campaign finance limits, crippling unions, and keeping Trump’s Muslim ban. Trump’s choice will not be an independent thinker. We’re going to go from a usual 5-4 to a definite 5-4 on votes that strip liberty and freedom.

There is no telling what sort of maniac Trump will nominate. He has talked about nominating Fox News commentator Jeanine Pirro. Don Jr. said selecting her would be “pretty awesome.” She meets all of Trump’s requirements. She’s a sycophant, on TV, a raving lunatic, not really bright, and least important to Trump, is a former judge.

There may be a blue wave in November, but Republicans are winning. Granted, they have to cheat, but they’re winning. They will take a victory any way they can get it. Hypocrisy? Sure. Russian meddling? You bet. Lying? Get out of here.

During the presidential campaign, Trump said women who get abortions should be punished. After this appointment, they probably will be. In fact, we’ll all be punished.

Watch me draw.

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