Jump The Shark

Jumping The Birthers


Ted Cruz is cartoon gold. Not Donald Trump gold, but kind of a creepy fake gold that turns your neck green if you put it on you. The man is ridiculous.

Donald Trump, who waged a “YUGE” birther campaign against President Obama and now doesn’t want to talk about it, is bringing up the issue regarding Ted Cruz. Cruz says that Trump is “jumping the shark” by bringing it up. The term “Jump the shark” is a pop culture reference to when something starts to suck. It’s from Happy Days and when Fonzie jumped the shark many people consider that the point the show stopped being good.  If that’s the case, Trump jumped the shark during his announcement that he’s running for president.

Ted Cruz is an American. He was born in Canada to an American mother and a father who’s a deranged lunatic from Cuba. Ted Cruz says the legal issues regarding a “naturalized citizen” running for president has been settled. No it hasn’t.

The most peculiar thing is the large number of Republicans who believe Obama is not an American-born citizen, yet support Ted Cruz who was definitely not born in the United States. Hypocrisy knows no bounds. Neither does stupidity.

So why do many Republicans wage a birther campaign against Obama, who was born in America, and look the other way and even support Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada? The most innocent answer to this is that it’s blind, hypocritical, partisan politics. At the very worst it’s racism.

Which one is it?



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