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Republicans love to respond to accusations with the art of deflection. It’s puzzling.

If you bring up Trump’s collusion with Russia they respond by attacking Hillary Clinton and demand more investigations into her. Never mind the fact she’s been investigated by the GOP for the past 20 years, and they’ve never pinned anything on her.

If you bring up the accusations against Trump sexually assaulting women, and the fact he’s bragged about it, they bring up Bill Clinton’s sexual scandals…from over 20 years ago.

If you don’t have a defense then you go on offense. Republicans can’t defend Russiagate. They claim the FBI is tainted, or that Hillary Clinton is evil…which doesn’t have anything to do with Trump’s dalliance with Putin. They like to scream it’s a hoax and “fake news,” even as guilty pleas and indictments pile up.

Even if everything they say about a liberal, Democrat, former president, former candidate, etc, are true, how does that actually prove the innocence of their guys? Conservative logic relies on not using any.

With outdated arguments, you have to wonder where these conservatives are getting their news and information. Maybe they’re still tooling around on the web with iPhones from years ago.

Apple is facing seven class-action lawsuits from several states over accusations they sent updates to users’ phones which would slow down the phones, and ultimately frustrate the users enough to purchase new phones. Of course, they’re addicted to the iPhone so it’s not likely their replacement phone will be a Samsung Galaxy.

In case you didn’t know, new iPhones are expensive. When you see a deal on a phone offering hundreds of dollars off, like I’ve seen for iPhones, you know that crap is expensive. Phones are actually being sold now with payment plans. What the hell is this stuff? Photoshop?

The iPhone users simply could have bought new batteries instead of a new phone. Several people claim that when they called Apple for assistance, they were never advised to replace the battery. Does this surprise anyone?

I’m glad I’m fairly satisfied with a cheap smartphone. I need to surf the internet when I’m away from home/office, reply to emails, and be able to edit my site. My $70 Samsung Galaxy on my $30 GoPhone plan usually lets me do one of those things. Granted, the memory was nearly entirely full from all the useless apps when I purchased it. I can’t open photos on the phone but I can send them through text and email. I know I can buy an SD card, but I’m lazy and the stuff isn’t that important to me. Besides, nobody ever calls or texts me anymore unless it’s something really annoying that definitely could be handled over email. But, I digress.

But, what is the deal with Republicans and these weak defenses? Do they need new phones or new batteries? Maybe they just need new brains. What they have now isn’t working for them.

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One For The Hackers


I decided to take the kids hacking into an iPhone cliche and roll it into the cliche of only millennials voting for Bernie.

I saw a lot of cartoons and heard a lot of jokes about the FBI needing children to hack into an iPhone and how young voters, and those not old enough to vote, love Bernie Sanders. I thought I’d make fun of the lazy jokes. Ha ha.

Regarding the iPhone thing, I do think it’s funny Apple didn’t want to give the FBI any information but now that the FBI has hacked into it, Apple wants the Feds to tell them how they did it. Are they serious?

And on the youth vote going for Bernie: Yeah. They do love him. He’s radical, as in what’s new, hasn’t been tried before, and makes a lot of sense and is progressive, appeals to the youth. They see how the older generation has been running things and they’re not too “keen” on it. Who can blame them? It’s not all about free stuff. It’s more about taking our resources away from where it doesn’t help and applying it to where it does. That’s very radical.

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