Infrastructure Week

Shake It For Trump


Donald Trump is the boy who cried, “Infrastructure Week” as in, he never had any intention of working on infrastructure with Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The Democrats went to the White House to work with Trump on infrastructure, something he claims he’d be very good at because he lives in a structure, but instead, he used it as a ploy to explode over Congressional investigations.

Trump is refusing to work with Democrats on infrastructure or any bipartisan measures until they “get these phony investigations over with,” as he said in a Rose Garden tempter tantrum complete with pre-planned props.

Trump claims he was planning on a legitimate meeting with his Democratic colleagues until Pelosi accused him of engaging in a cover-up. He then said he “doesn’t do coverups,” as he has refused to release his taxes and continues to fight subpoenas and order underlings not to testify before Congress. Don’t get me started on that dead ferret on his head.

Donald Trump does not do infrastructure. Donald Trump does coverups.

Do you remember when Obama held the nation hostage and refused to do his job when Republicans conducted one investigation after another on Benghazi? How about when Bill Clinton was investigated repeatedly from the day he walked into the Oval Office? Donald Trump doesn’t multitask. Trump can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time.

The president is supposed to do his job, not hold the nation hostage because he’s butthurt. If you don’t want to be investigated, then don’t be a crook. Trump is upset because the Justice Department reached a deal with Congress to provide some secret material related to the Mueller Report, and a second federal judge ruled against Trump’s efforts to block Congress from gaining access to his financial information.

In Britain, protesters have decided to throw milkshakes at conservative lawmakers. It’s gotten so bad, the police have asked some McDonalds to stop selling them when conservative assholes are nearby.

If you don’t want to be investigated or covered in delicious milkshakes, don’t be a conservative asshole.

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