Individual One

Individual One


Federal prosecutors have now accused Donald Trump, who is still president of the United States by some bad joke perpetrated by the universe, of committing two felonies.

What Trump did was direct his lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen to make illegal payments to a porn star and a Playmate who were threatening his presidential campaign in 2016. Trump initially denied any knowledge of the payments to the public, as though Cohen took it upon himself out of the goodness of his heart. Later, one of Trump’s mouthpieces, Rudy Giuliani, said that Trump paid Cohen back. Then, a recording was released of Trump discussing the payments with Cohen, and how it would be operated.

A court filing by federal prosecutors in Manhattan said Cohen “acted in coordination and at the direction of” an unnamed individual, clearly referring to Donald Trump.

A separate filing by the Special Counsel investigating Russia’s involvement in the 2016 campaign said an unnamed Russian offered Cohen “government level” synergy between Russia and the Trump campaign in November 2015. While Trump argued Saturday that he didn’t want Russia’s help, fourteen people in his campaign had contact with Russia. Keep that in mind the next time you hear a Trump sycophant argue there’s no evidence of collusion.

In a separate case on Friday, the Special Counsel accused Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, of lying about his contacts with an individual they accuse of having ties to Russian intelligence, and about his interactions with Trump administration officials after he was indicted on criminal charges.

So, how did Trump interpret all of this? He tweeted, “Totally clears the President. Thank you!” That is the correct way to interpret it if he was talking about any of the 44 presidents before him (I was worried about Chester A. Arthur). As for him, no. He’s standing directly in the center of the bulls eye. Also, who the hell is he “thanking?”

As Michael Che said on Saturday Night Live, Trump can’t tweet something and magically make it true.  Maybe Trump can buy some ruby slippers, click them three times, and say “there’s no place like no collusion.”

How do fourteen people communicate with Russia without colluding? How do fourteen people in the Trump campaign talk to Russians without Donald Trump ever knowing? How do Republicans ignore a president who commits felonies? Keep in mind; this is the stuff that’s NOT redacted. These two felonies are being called out by the Southern District of New York. Robert Mueller’s office hasn’t released their findings yet, so we can expect even more to pile up. Finally, Trump will be able to brag about having more of something than any other president, in addition to lies, wives, and sexually-transmitted diseases.

We’ve had three presidents accused of high crimes. Two were impeached and the third resigned in disgrace. Are we going to ignore the fourth? I think the House will impeach Trump, and the Senate, needing just 20 Republicans to do the right thing, will protect Trump. There are not 20 Republicans in the Senate who will put their nation before their party or a stupid cult of personality.

The American president operated his campaign with assistance by a hostile foreign power. This is as close to treason as one can get without being at war. Donald Trump is a traitor. The presidency should not be occupied by a traitor.

It’s bad enough it’s occupied by a dumbass with comprehension problems.

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