I’m With Nasty

Nasty Women


Her name is Hillary. It’s Madame President if you’re nasty. That joke’s been making the rounds on social media since Donald Trump interrupted Clinton during the third debate with “such a nasty woman.”

Much has been made and analyzed from Donald Trump’s strike at Clinton with his “such a nasty woman” remark. Trump was provoked enough to speak out of turn and interrupt (which wasn’t uncommon) when Clinton said “my Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s, assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it, but what we want to do is …” and then came the nasty “nasty” comment.

A lot of conservatives were bewildered that Trump’s comment has been taken as a sexist remark. The fact they don’t get it should be enough for them to reexamine how they look at the world and people around them. Maybe they can also take the opportunity to reexamine their lives and the choices they made.

Or they could listen to the world react.

While many Trump supporters were quick to don the moniker “deplorable” after Clinton’s “basket full of deplorables” comment, women nationwide are printing up T-shirts with “Nasty Woman” and “Nasty Women Vote.” Someone bought the domain for nastywomengetshitdone.com which redirects to a fundraising page for Clinton. A logo has been created with an “N” replacing the “H” in Clinton’s logo and changing Clinton’s slogan to “I’m With Nasty” (which also became a hashtag). Even streams for Janet Jackson’s 1980’s pop hit “Nasty Girl” increased 250% on Spotify. It does have a funky beat.

While many women have found strength by sharing their experiences of the type of treatment Trump bragged about doing in those leaked tapes, Take Back The Night, a foundation working to end sexual assault and violence against women, is using the slogan to call for safer environments.

Another trending hashtag is “NastyWomenVote.” Trump will definitely be feeling a bit nasty, and perhaps a little chunky, on the night of November 8th. Currently he’s polling 20 points behind Clinton with women. Only 20? Go figure.

Let’s hope Trump’s “poll monitors” don’t attempt any grabbing on election day. And if you are a poll monitor for Trump, don’t forget election day is November 28th, just like Trump said.

Funny story time that digresses:

I have a weirdo magnet. That means freaks find me. They want to talk. It’s brutal. My friends know this and can back me up.

Yesterday a buddy and I went to a bar. Shortly after planting ourselves on bar stools a strange man sits down next to me and wants to talk to me about chemtrails. What? What the hell are chemtrails? Chem trails are the streaks in the sky from planes and according to this goober they’re intentionally loaded with chemical and biological gunk for sinister purposes (science has debunked this but that’s what they want you to believe). This gentleman proceeded to give me a very long lecture about chemtrails and then told me Climate Change and Global Warming were lies.

And then it got weird.

He went on to tell me that the election won’t happen. The “Illuminati,” which is all the world’s billionaires who control the media and Obama, will go to war with Russia, start World War III, declare martial law, cancel the election, and Obama gets to become dictator. The Illuminati has put subliminal junk into the graphics you see in the background on all the news channels (all those spinning stars and stuff) and they hypnotize us to believe facts…I mean stuff the media wants us to believe like “don’t worry about chemtrails” and “you can save money by switching your car insurance,” and “Wolf Blitzer does not suck.” I asked him if Donald Trump is a member of the Illuminati since he’s a billionaire but the guy told me no and Trump is the only one trying to save us and delivering the truth.

I was silent throughout most of this while all my friends bailed on me so I could have this experience all to myself (My friend Cindy said the freaks find me because I have a pleasant face but I think there’s more stock in the chemtrail theory than that bunk). Eventually the old dirt farmer, or whatever he was, decided I wasn’t fun to talk to anymore, or that I wasn’t going to be converted, when my inner smart ass revealed itself. I simply asked him “do they know you’re out?”. He said “what? Do they know I’m out? Who are they?”. I said “the people with giant butterfly nets currently looking for you.” I went home shortly after that. I had my fill of people for the week and returned to my cartoon cave and ate some Doritos.

The moral of the story is: The crazy people are out there. They’re supporting Trump. They can’t be persuaded or reasoned with. Some of them don’t have a reason as understandable as being sexists, racists, xenophobes, etc. They’re just crazy. And they’re still gonna be here after November 8th.

I don’t think chem trails or CNN hypnotized me to believe that.

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