Hurricane Otto

Battening Down In Costa Rica


I stole this idea for this week’s cartoon for The Costa Rica Star. I stole it from myself.

When Hurricane Katrina was sweeping its way toward New Orleans I submitted this idea to my editorial page editor at The Free Lance-Star. Not only did he not approve it, he got upset. Really upset. He did that sometimes when I submitted an idea he didn’t like. I had a lot of ideas killed by him.

But I drew it anyway and sent it to my syndicate. Yeah, it’s insensitive but I wanted to lighten things up a bit….and I thought it was funny. It does work for Costa Rica as prostitution is totally legal (while Uber is not).

Several months later I was at a convention and a cartoonist who had formerly worked for the New Orleans Times-Picayune told me how much he loved the cartoon and that it had cracked him up. That kinda validated it for me.

I think the idea worked better for New Orleans than Costa Rica, at least for me, but I wanted it to have another life. My editor at The Star, Andrew, wasn’t afraid of it at all and insisted I draw it (after I killed his suggestion of another subject). Anyway, who doesn’t like a good hooker cartoon?

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