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Last night, the Neanderthals that make up the Republican membership in the United States House of Representatives held a vote on whether or not to remove Congresswoman Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick, from her leadership position.

Oh my gosh. What did that dastardly Liz do? Did she claim school shootings are fake? Did she claim California wildfires are created by Jewish Space Lasers financed by the Rothschilds? Did she claim JRK Jr was murdered by the Clintons? Did she bully school shooting survivors? Did she claim 9/11 was a hoax and planes did not fly into the Pentagon? Does she believe Democrats are part of a deep state of satanic-worshipping pedophiliac blood drinkers? Did she promote Pizzagate? Did she say Muslims shouldn’t be allowed into Congress? Did she defend the Nazis at Charlottesville? Did she call George Soros a Nazi? Did she promote the big lie that Trump won the election? Did she call for the murder of Congressional colleagues? Is she a supporter of Qanon?

Nope. Liz Cheney didn’t do any of that. All of the above are freshman member and Qanon troglodyte Marjorie Taylor Greene’s positions. For her, the House Republicans gave a standing ovation last night. For Liz, they tried to punish her for a vote she cast.

If anyone’s going to inflict punishment for a vote, it should be a representative’s constituents, not her colleagues. Liz Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump after he incited a terrorist attack on the very building where House Republicans held their vote to punish Cheney. Donald Trump attempted a bloody coup and House Republicans went after Cheney for standing up against it.

Fortunately, Liz Cheney survived but 61 of her colleagues voted to remove her from her leadership position. Last week, her colleague Matt Gaetz flew to her state, Wyoming, and held an anti-Liz rally. Unfortunately while in Wyoming, Gaetz was not eaten by a bear. Guess where Matt Gaetz didn’t fly to? Georgia, the home district of Marjorie Taylor Greene. In Matt Gaetz’s defense, he’s a lying piece of crap who’s never had integrity. Also in his defense, he’s from Florida.

In fact, the House didn’t even hold a vote on whether or not to remove Greene from her committee assignments, especially her seat on the Education Committee, where she’ll be able to tell educators that school shootings are fake and the children who survived are “crisis actors.” Her seat on the Education Committee is the worst thing to happen to education since Betsy DeVos.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is a coward. After Donald Trump incited a terrorist attack against the U.S. Capitol, McCarthy gave a speech on the floor of the House condemning Trump’s action. Then, he flew to Florida to grovel and kiss Trump’s ass at Mar-a-Lago. Now, he’s refusing to do anything about Marjorie Taylor Greene. It probably didn’t hurt her when she said she just got off the phone with Donald Trump.

In the last session of Congress, House Republicans removed Congressman Steve King from all his committee assignments after he openly questioned why “white nationalism” and “white supremacy” were considered bad thing. Now, they’re too cowardly to do something about Greene who has gone beyond expressing bigotry.

Kevin McCarthy and nearly the entire GOP are running scared of Qanon, a group that was a large part of the terrorist attack on the Capitol…an attack that could have killed many of these same Republicans. On Tuesday night, Office Brian Sicknick lay in state in the Capitol because he was killed by terrorists during that attack. Brian Sicknick died defending those Republicans who won’t stand up against the terrorists who killed him. The FBI lists Qanon as a terrorist threat. But Republicans, they’re pandering to this terrorist base.

Qanon is a sickness. It’s a cult. It’s a movement of conspiracy theories and violence. Senate Minority Leader (HAHA) Mitch McConnell called Qanon a “cancer.” The leader of House Republicans, Kevin McCarthy, said he didn’t know what Qanon was or if he was even pronouncing it correctly. Kevin McCarthy is actually slower than Mitch McTortoise McConnell.

Kevin McCarthy had a two-hour one-on-one meeting with Marjorie Taylor Greene about her comments and support of Qanon theories. If he doesn’t know what Qanon is, then what did they spend two hours talking about?

Kevin McCarthy is a sniveling coward. He won’t take action against Marjorie Taylor Greene and won’t even require her to publicly renounce Qanon in order to keep her committee assignments. Today, House Democrats will vote to remove her from those committees. Today, we’ll find out which Republicans support terrorists.

Spoiler alert: It’s going to be a lot of them.

Kevin McCarthy is a coward and he’s allowing a Neanderthal to pull him around by his hair. He’s not a leader. Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t the only Republican who should be removed from Congress.

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Republican Babies


How many more times will I be able to draw Trump Baby before the real Trump Baby leaves the White House…or his coup succeeds and I end up in a North Dakota gulag? Why North Dakota? Because it’s already a gulag.

106 House Republicans have signed onto a brief supporting the stupid and ridiculous lawsuit filed by Texas, demanding the Supreme Court invalidate the votes of over 20 million people and hand the presidency to Donald Trump. That’s more than the half the Republicans in Congress.

When representatives are sworn into Congress, they take an oath promising to protect the Constitution. So, how did we elect so many representatives so eager to break that oath?

When at least 18 state attorneys general across the nation and over 100 House Republicans demand that over 20 million votes be invalidated, that 20 million voters’ Constitutional rights be stripped from them, that 62 electoral votes be taken from one candidate and given to theirs, and that the presidency be given to the losing candidate, you have to ask yourself: Do these Republicans not know the law or do they know the law but just don’t care?

Do these Republicans really love the cult more than democracy? Do they want a theocracy and dictatorship more than a republic? If this election is stolen and reversed, we’ll never have a honest election in this nation ever again. If the United States caves and elections don’t matter, what about the rest of the world? Hopefully, we’ll stop being the example. Republicans are not to be emulated in other nations.

Republicans keep saying Donald Trump has the right to pursue every legal means, but he doesn’t have the right to call Republican governors and threaten them to reverse an election. He doesn’t have the right to call legislators to the White House to pressure them to reverse an election. He doesn’t have the right to call legislators and demand they throw out an election. Donald Trump does not have the right to steal an election. Donald Trump and Republicans don’t have a right to engage in election tampering.

Republicans spent the past four years saying, “Elections have consequences.” What they meant was, only when we win.

Every single Republican who is trying to steal this election should be prosecuted for election tampering. And I’m sure they’ll be fine with that since they claim to the law -and-order party.

Republicans are not the party of law and order. They’re not the party of family values. They’re not the party of patriots or even honest individuals. They’re the party of bullies, racists, sexists, and fascists. The GOP is now officially a cult.

The funny thing is, the way Republicans have propped up the Trump will burn them because none of them will ever be their party’s nominee. For the next 20 years, every GOP nominee will be a Trump. The GOP, the cult of Trump, has made stupid monarchs out of these grifters. Now, they get to live with them for a very long time.

Since Donald Trump is calling every politician he thinks can save his presidency, what I want to know is…how many generals has he called?

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