Fair is Fair

And why do you get to pay lower tax rates when people before you had to pay higher tax rates?

And why do you get to go to Heaven when there were millions of people who died before Jesus could die for their sins?

If you listen to Republican logic, nothing should be improved. Nothing should ever be adjusted. Nothing should ever be fixed…except of course, for them.

How many of them have received loan forgiveness? How many of them have received massive stimulus checks and tax breaks for their businesses? How come my sandwich shop has to pay taxes to the city while the city gifts a multi-billionaire a brand new football stadium?

Life’s not always fair, but we can improve on a lot of aspects of it to make it fairer. But Republicans only believe in government assistance that helps the rich. As someone tweeted at me this morning, we need a cure for Republicans.

Sorry for the short blog, but I wrote on this yesterday and I have a CNN deadline.

Music note: I listened to Kimya Dawson while drawing this.

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Super-Spreader Winner


Sometimes people forget that I draw for news outlets and not for social media. This is a post-election cartoon because my clients will need something to put on their pages for Wednesday before they know who won. It’s kinda hard to draw these without making them suck.

One thing is for certain beyond Tuesday and that’s that a lot of doctors, nurses, and hospitals are going to still be dealing with the Trump Virus…partly thanks to Donald Trump’s super-spreader events. That’s MAGA for you.

No long blog again. That’s coming later today.

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