Homeland Security

Homeland Terror

Let’s make one thing clear. What happened on January 6, 2021, was a terrorist attack against our country.

It was an insurrection by white nationalists to overturn a free democratic election and install an unelected dictator. It was a coup attempt.

It was an attack designed to stop the certification of the election, a duty mandated on Congress by the United States Constitution.

The people who did this are terrorists. Ashli Babbitt, who was killed during the attack, was a terrorist.

This was an attack on the United States of America. It was not a protest. It wasn’t just a bunch of tourists. It was a terrorist attack that was instigated by conspiracy theories and the lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 election and it was stolen from him by Joe Biden, Democrats, and a Deep State. One of the biggest advocates for this lie and assault on our nation is Marjorie Taylor Green, a representative from Georgia.

Why would the Speaker of the House put someone on a committee designed to protect our nation from terrorist attacks who’s expressed support for terrorist attacks? Marjorie Taylor Greene said, very recently, that if she had planned the attack on January 6, 2021, then “we would have won” “We?” “We,” as “we the terrorist?” “We,” as in “we who attacked our country?” “We,” as in “we, who attempted to destroy our democratic system and replace it with a fascist state?” “We,” as in “We, the white nationalist racist goons?” That “we?” I bet MTG thinks that if she planned 9/11, then more hijacked planes would have flown into buildings killing more Americans.

Even without examining MTG’s treason, she’s too stupid to be on the Homeland Security Committee or any other committee. This is the same idiot who believes wildfires in California were started by Jewish Space Lasers. But Kevin McCarthy isn’t looking to put talented or capable people on committees who are effective at legislation. Liar George Santos was placed on two committees, one of which is the small Businesses which I guess he’s qualified for from working with Ponzi schemes and running a GoFundMe scam to steal money from a dying dog.

Jim “Gym” Jordan is actually the chairman of the Judiciary Committee and he displays on a daily basis how dishonest he is. If you don’t know why the FBI hasn’t raided Joe Biden’s home yet, you’re either lying or you’re an idiot. Plus, Jordan doesn’t create legislation that gets passed. Last year, a study by the Center for Effective Lawmaking (a joint effort by the University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University) ranked Jim “Gym” Jordan as the 202nd most effective Republican in the House of Representatives…out of 205. As a person elected to represent a congressional district, he sucks. To be fair, he sucks just as a person. He’s a horrible and vile human being. A lot of the human excrement left on the floors of Congress on January 6 by the MAGA terrorists was mistaken for Jim “Gym” Jordan. He doesn’t do anything in Congress except gaslight and bark. In the last congressional session, he sponsored zero legislation that passed the House. This makes him ineffective. All Jordan does in Congress is deflect for Donald Trump and conduct bullshit investigations to hurt Democrats politically.

And just like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim “Gym” Jordan played a part in the January 6 coup attempt. This goon who ignored subpoenas from a congressional investigation will now lead an investigation. This is like putting Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Donald Trump in charge of sexual assault investigations.

In the last session, MTG was stripped of all her committee assignments for racist and antisemitic rhetoric, for spreading conspiracy theories on the 2020 election, 9/11, and the 2018 Parkland shooting, and for supporting violence against Democrats. MTG expressed support for executing Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. During her first congressional campaign, she posted an image on Facebook of herself holding a gun next to images of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib with the caption, “We need strong conservative Christians to go on the offense against these socialists who want to rip our country apart.”

In 2019, she encouraged her fans to “flood the Capitol” and resort to violence.

When it comes to protecting the homeland, she has fear-mongered that Muslims are coming to “conquer America.” She’s posted on Facebook, “We don’t need gun control! We need Muslim control!

MTG has jumped on the conspiracy theory bandwagon that George Soros, a millionaire who donates to Democrats, is a Nazi and said he’s “a piece of crap that turned in his own people over to the Nazis.” Soros is actually a Holocaust survivor.

Putting assorted goons and terrorist supporters on committees is part of the deal Kevin McCarthy made to become Speaker of the House, which took 15 ballots. Kevin McCarthy doesn’t care about this nation or Congress. He only cares about power and he’ll hand the House of Representatives over to goons and terrorists in order to get it.

You can’t faux that you care about President Biden misplacing classified documents and the security of this nation when you put a terrorist-loving lying racist antisemitic Islamophobic conspiracy theorist on the Homeland Security Committee.

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Disinformation Board

In their criticism of the Department of Homeland Security’s newly-created Disinformation Governance Board, Republicans have one thing right. It’s a stupid name. Maybe the agency thought that “governance” would explain the anti-disinformation part, but they failed to take into account that Republicans don’t do well with the comprehension of things. And it’s not like they want to comprehend anything anyway when they have a new talking point or red meat to throw out to their rabid base.

So, what is this disinformation board stuff? I had the same question when I saw a conservative cartoon on it, and then another and another and another, etc, etc, which meant Fox News must be all over it. If you want to know what Fox News is talking about, just read the conservative political cartoons at GoComics. It’ll save you a lot of time and you’ll get a huge laugh out of it as conservative cartoons are hilarious, though that’s inadvertent.

The Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified in multiple Congressional hearings last week where he mentioned the Disinformation Governance Board. Yeah, it’s a stupid name. Mayorkas said the board was created to combat misinformation from human smugglers and to counter Russian cyber and election misinformation.

Mayorkas said, “We have just established a mis- and disinformation governance board in the Department of Homeland Security to more effectively combat this threat, not only to election security but to our homeland security.”

Why, golly gee willikers, that sounds like a good idea. Who doesn’t want to fight coyotes smuggling humans in from the southern border and Russian attacks on our country? Republicans, that’s who.

Elon Musk said the creation of the board was “messed up.” Elon might as well be a Republican now because as the GOP became more racist, tried to overturn a Democratic election to install an Oompa-Loompa fascist dictator, defended Russia for attacking our nation’s elections, banned abortion by stealing Supreme Court seats, created new laws to stop black people from voting, and is now at war with a cartoon mouse, has found the Democratic Party too extreme.

Republicans also have issues with the board’s executive director, Nina Jankowicz, because she’s praised efforts to combat coronavirus misinformation on social media and expressed skepticism about the relevance of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Republicans are also comparing this to the “Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s novel, “1984.”

Senator and white nationalist terrorist power-fister Josh Hawley said, “Rather than police our border, Homeland Security has decided to make policing Americans’ speech its top priority.”

Senator Rob Portman said, “I do not believe that the United States government should turn the tools that we have used to assist our allies counter foreign adversaries onto the American people. Our focus should be on bad actors like Russia and China, not our own citizens.”

But the board isn’t policing speech from citizens of this nation. Its focus is on foreign actors like Russian election meddlers and human smugglers from south of the border. Was the Mayorkas’ microphone not turned on during the hearings? Actually, Republicans didn’t ask a lot of questions about the board during those hearings choosing to instead express anger and gaslight it. And there’s the irony.

The Republicans are lying about a board created to combat lies. Republicans don’t get irony.

And just like the way Republicans were angrier with the FBI for going after suspected Russian spies than they were angry with the actual Russian spies, they’re more upset at a board created to combat lies than they are with the lies. Republicans are more upset with this board than they were with Pizzagate.

Republicans are way off base here and are claiming (another lie) that the board is going to have some sort of authority or ability to shut Americans up. Yeah, I wish. It’s more of that typical Republican doomsday shit where they tell their base, “They’re coming to getcha. Vote Republican.”

Mayorkas has explained, “The board does not have any operational authority or capability,” he said. “What it will do is gather together best practices in addressing the threat of disinformation from foreign state adversaries, from the cartels, and disseminate those best practices to the operators that have been executing in addressing this threat for years.”

Mayorkas said the board was part of an effort whose “goal is to bring the resources of the department together to address this threat,” specifically citing misinformation disseminated to Spanish speakers. 

As I said, Republicans weren’t listening. Jim Jordan asked the director if the board would look into “misinformation” spread by Dr. Anthony Fauci and…wait for it…Hunter Biden’s laptop. Seriously. You can’t talk about shit in Washington without a Republican bringing up Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Jordan is especially opposed to Jankowicz leading the board as she once tweeted that Hunter Biden’s laptop should be viewed as a “Trump campaign product” because of top Trump allies’ role in pushing it. Again, this Republican was missing the irony that during his questioning, he was a Trump ally pushing Hunter Biden’s laptop as a campaign product.

Jankowica tweeted last week, “one of the key reasons the Board was established, is to maintain the [DHS’s] commitment to protecting free speech, privacy, civil rights, & civil liberties.” So, pushing right-wing bullshit is NOT part of the board’s agenda?

Republicans don’t understand free speech. They don’t understand that no one owes them a platform to lie. They don’t understand that organizing a terrorist attack to topple our government isn’t free speech or protected in the Constitution. They don’t comprehend that accusing a political opponent of a crime, like raping children, isn’t freedom of speech and is actually libelous.

Republicans are the party of lies, conspiracy theories, and bullshit. They tell us that Russia didn’t attack our nation to help Donald Trump win an election, except Russia did exactly that. They tell us there are millions of incidents of voter fraud in the 2020 election, which is another lie. They’re changing voting laws based on the election fraud lie. They lie that public schools are teaching Critical Race Theory and are indoctrinating elementary students into becoming gay. It has become impossible for a Republican to talk about any issue without lying. Don’t believe me? Then why don’t you have a nice tall glass of bleach?

Let’s not even look at the lunatics in the party like Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, or Madison Cawthorn. Ignore Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Rand Paul for a minute. Let’s look at the leaders. Mitch McConnell lied about Supreme Court seats as he was stealing them. He’s currently lying about the filibuster because he’s going to destroy that after the GOP takes the Senate in order to ban abortion. Kevin McCarthy lies about telling Trump he’s responsible for the January 6 attack, despite there being tapes of him saying that. And speaking of Trump, he told over 30,000 while he was president (sic).

If there’s a new agency created to go after liars, then why are Republicans so afraid? Oh, yeah. Because they’re liars. Republicans are the enemies of truth.

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JackBooted Portlandia


Leave it to the people who scream about the “Deep State” to send in unidentified jack-booted thugs to round up, beat up, and teargas people protesting against the government.

The Trump administration has sent unidentified federal officers into Portland supposedly to protect federal property. Apparently, that means going in wearing badges that don’t identify any federal agency and throwing people into unmarked vans.

Now, the government says these federal goons were dispatched by the Department of Homeland Security from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. No, you’re not slow to the news on this. Border Patrol has fuck all to do with people protesting police violence and systemic racism against black people.

Christopher David, a Portland resident and a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and former member of the Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps, said he wanted to know what the officers involved thought of the oath they had sworn to protect and defend the Constitution. So he walked up to officers who were using their batons to bash protesters and he asked, “Why are you not honoring your oath? Why are you not honoring your oath to the Constitution?”

Their answer was, to turn and beat David with their batons and break his hand. It was caught on film just like the apprehension of unarmed protesters being thrown into unmarked vans was caught.

Ken Cuccinelli, the Assistant Director of Gaslighting for Homeland Security, argued this morning on CNN that police used unmarked vehicles all the time. Cuccinelli, the former Attorney General of Virginia and longtime hater of brown people, missed the part of his statement that included “police.” These jackbooted goons in Portland are not cops.

The thing is, kids, these goons are not supposed to be there. In fact, it’s illegal for them to be there. The U.S. military is not supposed to be used against citizens of the United States. And they are only supposed to be brought in for protective purposes when they are requested by the local government. Nobody has requested the services of these assholes. Federal officers are NOT police and they’re NOT to be used as such. They aren’t usually trained on how to police. Policing is NOT their job. Ken Cuccinelli is gaslighting. Take it from a Virginian who’s observed him for several years, the guy has a long history of lying.

We also ask: Why is Border Patrol engaging in riot control when they are not trained in such manners? Border Patrol’s specialties are throwing babies in cages and destroying canisters of water left in the desert for immigrants so they don’t die. And, why was Portland selected for this special treatment by Trump’s SS? Is it because it’s so liberally weird? Is Portland to be an example? Maybe Trump hates hipster beards. Is Brooklyn next?

Christopher David asked these goons, “Why are you not honoring your oath?” But did they ever take an oath?

Cuccinelli says they’re from Homeland Security…but are they really? How do we know? The reason we have to ask after asking is that these are unidentified goons and the Trump administration lies. They’re lying over a situation that’s illegal. And again, you can’t trust Ken Cuccinelli on ANYTHING. Trust me on this, he’s as slimy of a shitweasel as anyone else in the Trump administration. He’s up there on the Stephen Miller level. Keep your eye on him. He used his position as state Attorney General to fight immigration, abortion, Obamacare, and even went after the University of Virginia for a study on climate change. He spent millions of state dollars on partisan issues.

Democrats in the House of Representatives plan to investigate this. They sent a letter to Homeland Security stating they plan to investigate “into the use of federal law enforcement agencies by the attorney general and the acting secretary of homeland security to suppress first amendment protected activities in Washington DC, Portland and other communities across the United States.”

Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland said federal officers “are not wanted here. We haven’t asked them here. In fact, we want them to leave.” He said the two months of protests since the cop murder of George Floyd have been made worse by the federal presence.

Acting-Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf blasted the protesters as “lawless anarchists.” He’s “acting” so he can have the job without approval by the Senate. Donald Trump tweeted, “We are trying to help Portland, not hurt it. Their leadership has, for months, lost control of the anarchists and agitators. They are missing in action. We must protect Federal property, AND OUR PEOPLE. These were not merely protesters, these are the real deal!”

As you read that tweet, keep in mind, Donald Trump said the cognitive test was hard.

Ken Cuccinelli says more of these Deep State Secret Police goons will be sent to other U.S. cities without being requested. This is why we have to get rid of Donald Trump in November. This violates the U.S. Constitution. It’s lawless. What will Donald Trump try to get away with if he never has to worry about another election ever again? Whose skulls will get cracked next? Will there be teargas on election day? How about during the inauguration?

Donald Trump and his goons spread conspiracy theories about the Deep State. The fact is, they are the Deep State. And the longer Trump stays, the deeper the shit gets.

Creative note: You may have already known this but I learned last night, from proofreader Laura, the quote, “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges” did NOT originate from the Mel Brooks’ film Blazing Saddles. Ten points if you can name the film or novel.

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