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A Star Is Scorned


Donald Trump is a horrible person who nobody likes except racists and people OK with racists.

As a reminder that Donald Trump was a celebrity contributing nothing meaningful to society before he was a politician contributing nothing meaningful to society, he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

A testament to the public’s animosity toward Trump has been expressed on his star (which he paid $30,000 to have installed, which probably came from the Trump Foundation). Some people kick and spit on it, dogs have been allowed to relieve themselves on it, stickers have been placed on it, someone built a tiny wall around it, and it’s been spray painted, once with a Swastika (though to be fair, that may have been a supporter). Most recently, a man, described by a witness as “going to town on it,” destroyed it with a pickax. That individual has been charged, released on a $20,000 bail, and faces up to three years in prison. With charges like that you’d think he was a member of the Trump Campaign.

The city of West Hollywood decided that having a star for Trump was a bad idea and voted unanimously in a non-binding resolution to have it removed. It’s non-binding because they don’t have jurisdiction over the star. That belongs to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber released a statement that they have no plans to remove Trump’s star and that once a star is added it’s considered a part of the “historic fabric of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.” I suggest some people walk their dogs by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and show them how they feel about this.

Mark Hamill has a great idea. He suggests replacing the president with a princess. Princess Leia that is, as Carrie Fisher doesn’t have a star on the Walk of Fame. What? How can this be? This can’t be allowed to continue. She should have had a star light years ago, and having hers replace Trump’s would be galactic justice.

As her friend and writer Paul Slansky said, she would have loved being the face of The Resistance.

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