Hillarys Memory

Tacos On Every Corner


Thursday night one of the Latino organizers supporting Donald Trump appeared on MSNBC and warned the United States that his culture was dominant and if Trump is not elected there will be “taco trucks on every corner.”

While he stereotyped his race and culture with his self loathing, most Americans rejoiced and celebrated the idea of a taco truck on every corner. Wouldn’t that be awesome? And not those Taco Bell tacos. I want real tacos on every corner. We already have Taco Bell on every corner.

While it was funny and “taco truck on every corner” was trending on Twitter, it’s alarming he’s warning white people that the brown people will take over. His culture is “dominant?” We’re supposed to worry about people speaking Spanish instead of English? Egads! We’ll have to share control of our entire legal and corporate system! This could actually make every football player stand for the national anthem and we’ll have to find something else to make us get our collective red, white, and blue panties in a bunch.

I have some bad news for my fellow Caucasians: The brown people are already here. In the near future white will no longer be the majority in this nation and when that day comes….meh. I’m having tacos. I also have some advice for my fellow whiteys: Stop being hung up on everyone speaking English in front of you and stop being such a douche or you won’t get any tacos. Though it will kinda suck that we’ll only have one aisle at the grocery store.

Unrelated to food trucks, the FBI released their notes from their interviews with Hillary Clinton regarding her email server. The Trump campaign went nuts and told us it proves she’s dishonest, which is like me accusing someone of being sarcastic. We learned that Hillary used up to 12 devices during her term as Secretary of State. I don’t think that’s a big deal as I currently have five devices and I’m not important at all.

There wasn’t any additional dirt or smoking gun from the report. All it will do is reinforce the impression people already have of Hillary Clinton, which isn’t really that good at all.

That could all change if she makes a few new policy proposals. I’m thinking taco trucks.

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