Hillary Rotten Clinton

Hillary’s House Of Lies


I wouldn’t say Hillary Clinton is a liar. But I would say she’s not entirely truthful. She, like her husband, has a penchant for using legalese to get around the truth. Remember the “definition of is” speech? People don’t like lawyers as it is.

When she gave an interview to Chris Wallace and claimed FBI director James Comey said her answers about her emails were “truthful,” I thought to myself, why would she say such a whopper of a lie? This doesn’t help her with the trust issue most Americans have with her, whether that’s valid or not.

But why shouldn’t she lie and get away with it? Donald Trump does it on a daily basis. Seriously, he lies daily. His recent lies include his claim the NFL sent him a letter upset over the debate schedule…which, of course, is a lie.

Hillary just needs to create a new distraction for each flub that’ll redirect the media and public’s attention to the newest scandal. In the midst of Trump’s scandal of his feud with parents whose children died in combat he decided to kick a baby out of one of his rallies. Maybe Hillary could kick a puppy.

What’s kind of a bigger issue about Hillary’s FBI lie is that Trump wasn’t able to capitalize on it. He’s always accusing her of being a liar so when she actually does it, it’s not new for him to claim she’s “crooked Hillary.” Also, Trump and his campaign wasted the week’s message on making excuses for Trump.

Hillary could have dodged the question and it wouldn’t have been news. Shady, like all politicians do, but it wouldn’t have made any waves. Just wait for Donald Trump to log into Twitter and there will be something new.

All Hillary has to do is not lie. She’s the better candidate. She’s qualified for the job and her opponent is a Cheeto. She’s coming off a great convention and has a nine-point-bounce. Trump is fighting parents who lost their children, veteran organizations, fire marshals and babies.

She’s got this. Stop lying.

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