Hillary And Bernie

Jumping For Bernie


I do like drawing the Bernie shirt. It’s just really cool and funky, like Bernie’s hair.

Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary Clinton today. Many were delighted and many others cursed the sky.

The majority of Bernie’s supporters will vote for Hillary, even if they don’t like her. There are those who will never vote for Hillary. While they said they’d follow Bernie anywhere, today they found a place where they refuse to follow.

Many will vote for the Green Party nominee Jill Stein. No matter the outcome of the election, they can proudly say they didn’t vote for Hillary. If Trump is the president, they can live in denial that they played a huge part in that disaster. They don’t remember what happened when liberals voted for Ralph Nader in 2000. Hey, Nader voters….thanks for the Iraq War, huge debt, and the economic disaster. Nader voters still declare their innocence in that. If Trump wins the election then Stein voters will say they’re not to blame. Like Nader voters in 2000, they will be wrong too.

Donald Trump says Bernie’s supporters will be welcomed with open racist arms by his campaign. A few will actually go to Trump, which doesn’t make any sense. How do you declare you’re for everything Sanders preached then vote for Trump? You might find Hillary Clinton distasteful but her agenda is a lot more in line with Sanders….a LOT MORE IN LINE…than the racist Oompa Loompa.

Sanders had a great campaign. It was exciting and loud. Today it’s very quiet. He gave up his Secret Service detail today. The only large crowds in his future will be at Clinton events. The hope to retain isn’t for Sanders. It’s for his message and platform. Hopefully he’ll have influence on Clinton’s agenda. With even more hope, there will be a future presidential campaign with Bernie Sanders’ message.

Other than that, I didn’t draw one more “feel the bern” cartoon. There will be plenty out there.

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