Close Gitmo


I’m not interested having a political discussion with someone whose position doesn’t require thought.

Examples are: Kill Obamacare without an idea on replacing it thus leaving millions without health coverage. More guns equals fewer gun deaths. Keeping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons will give them nuclear weapons. Don’t close Gitmo, no matter how expensive and unnecessary it has become.

You know the positions. Basically anything opposite of where Obama stands.

All opposition to closing Guantanamo has been shot down. Are Republicans afraid that prison in the mainland United States can’t be a miserable experience for prisoners?

Reasons to oppose include the fear terrorists will attack the communities near where the prisoners are kept. We’ve housed terrorists in federal prisons before and are doing so now and yet, no terrorists attacks.

They’re afraid the prisoners might escape. Yeah, I don’t see a couple of terrorists tying rope to cell bar windows and yanking them out with horses. Yee ha!

It costs over $4 million a year to house each prisoner at Guantanamo. That’s a weird position for people who claim to be fiscal conservatives.

The other thing is, closing Gitmo isn’t not freeing all the prisoners. Also, since we’re the United States and supposedly the greatest country on Earth, when we incarcerate people we should actually charge them with something. I know. Crazy.

The opposition to this and the other issues is as crazy as wanting Obama impeached, or jailed, even though he hasn’t broken any laws…or even had a real scandal. You’re thinking of the Reagan, Bush, and Bush administrations.

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