Betting On Impeachment


My career started in 1990 in Mississippi and at that time there wasn’t any legal gambling in the state. A law was passed that year to allow it along the Mississippi River and Gulf Coast only if a community approved it. Within two years there were casinos popping up. By 2005, there were over 30 in the state. One debate at the time was; Why are some communities allowed to profit from this while others are not? It was a good question that still hasn’t been answered.

That question was asked about legalized sports betting and this week the Supreme Court answered it. Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana were the only states where federal law allowed legal sports gambling. The highest court in the land declared that unconstitutional. Now, states that want legalized sports betting can place their bets.

Since you don’t have to erect a casino on a river to allow betting on sports, expect some states to have it legalized by the time football season starts in three months. Hell, New Jersey will probably have it legalized in time for the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup. Bababooey!

Now each state that legalizes it has to decide how limited or widespread they want it to be. Should it only be allowed in a casino or a bookie’s office? Can any dillhole in a bar bet on the Browns going to the Super Bowl? Can a 12-year-old on a tablet bet on a game when he’s not looking at porn? Will college sports be off limits? Will the Trump Organization get involved?

Politics isn’t a sport, but in a way it is. Can we bet on what will bring down Trump?

Pundits and assorted talking heads on the news argue whether it’ll be collusion or obstruction when in the end, it could be the porn star. About the only thing that’ll make Trump sycophants give up on the guy is if they find out he’s not really a billionaire.

Which option would you wager on? Porn star? Cheeseburger? Stairs?

One thing is for sure. The odds for Trump not finishing his first term are a lot better than the Browns going to the Super Bowl.

Here’s the video.

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