The white nationalist Trump terrorists who attacked our nation’s Capitol building to violate a democratically-held election and to re-install Donald Trump through a bloody coup attempt have all turned out to be sissified cry babies abdicating their own responsibility.

Donald Trump was responsible for the white nationalist terrorist attack on the Capitol. He’s responsible for the six deaths and injuries to over 100 Capitol Police officers. He spread lies for weeks that he won the election and it was stolen from him. He told his MAGA goons to be there on January 6. They were there on January 6. Before the attack, he told them to march to the Capitol and overturn the election. But he shares blame.

The people who attacked the capitol, Nazis, Proud Boys, One Percenters, Oath Keepers, Klansmen, and Fox News viewers were adults. Even the guy who brought his mommy with zip ties is an adult. They are responsible for their actions. Al Qaida and ISIS are a bunch of terrorizing, Jihad-seeking mother fuckers pledging death to America, but you don’t see those guys crying that bin Laden made them do it. The Qanon Shaman had his mommy go to court to plead with a judge that her son can’t eat jail food. That’s some serious white privilege.

Several of the attackers have since changed their minds and are now blaming Donald Trump, as if they couldn’t think for themselves. Did it take jail to detox from the MAGA cult?

But they’re not just blaming Donald Trump. They’re blaming Fox News. These terrorists are responsible for their own actions, but Fox News shares blame. They aired Donald Trump’s bullshit. They pounded it into their viewers’ brains. Trump’s minions who went on cable news to advance the Big Lie bullshit didn’t go on CNN or MSNBC. They went to Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax.

So far, 440 people have been arrested in connection to the MAGA riot. One guy’s defense is that he was suffering from an illness his lawyer calls “Foxitus” and “Foxmania.” The attorney for defendant Anthony Antonio (so stupid, he has the same name twice) said he had “Foxitus” from watching six months of Fox News nonstop, and started “believing what was being fed to him by Fox News and Donald Trump.”

This defense isn’t just an insanity defense. It’s a moron defense. It’s a defense of being too stupid to think for yourself. If it’s true you can’t think for yourself, the last person in the world you want doing your thinking is a person like Donald Trump. The second is a racist moron like Tucker Carlson. Sean Hannity is a very close third.

This defendant’s lawyer isn’t the only one arguing you shouldn’t believe Fox News. Fox News’ own lawyers made the same argument in a previous lawsuit. It was specifically about Tucker Carlson’s show, “Assholes Tonight.” And it might work. If you tell me you don’t watch anything except Fox News, I’ll buy the argument you’re a moron.

Let’s get a few things straight: The people who attacked the Capitol did so based on a lie. They were not Antifa. They were not Black Lives Matter. They were Trump followers. They were not protesters. They were terrorists. Anyone who attacks a government is a terrorist. Anyone who tries to change the leader of a government through violent means is a terrorist. They’re not just demonstrators whose passion got the better of them. They’re terrorists. Even Mr. Zip Tie’s mom is a terrorist.

At least 440 people have been arrested in connection with the terrorist attack. There needs to be at least one more.

Osama bin Laden sent terrorists to attack the Capitol building and failed. Donald Trump send terrorists to attack the Capitol building, and while he didn’t succeed in overturning an election and staying in power through a bloody coup attempt, he succeeded in attacking the Capitol.

Inside that very same building Donald Trump’s terrorists attacked are Republicans who are still worshipping the terrorist leader who ordered the attack.

The rich sweet irony here is that MAGA goons love to accuse liberals of being sheep, yet here they are claiming they’re not supposed to be held responsible because they’re incapable of thinking for themselves. But they are responsible and like Donald Trump, Fox News, and every representative who enabled the white nationalist terrorist attack (like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley Ron Johnson, et al.), they’re all a national security threat.

These people who can’t think for themselves shouldn’t be allowed to choose their own TV shows. Turn off Fox News before you hurt someone…or hurt yourself. Is Hee-Haw still on?

Creative note: I woke up close to 6:00 AM planning to do something with Liz Cheney, Kevin McCarthy, and the bear being used in the California recall…but that went nowhere. Then this came to me.

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