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The new normal is a seriously low bar.

Every time Donald Trump gives a speech and sticks to the prepared notes written by Stephen Miller, pundits express surprise at how “presidential” he sounded. Never mind the fact he’s reading notes prepared by a baby Goebbels at a third-grade reading level. If he doesn’t make up childish nicknames for people or spread conspiracy theories that George Soros is funding illegal immigrants to invade our borders, he sounds presidential. If Donald Trump merely sounds like an 8-year-old instead of a 6-year-old, he sounds presidential. Never mind the tinfoil hat he’s wearing.

At Thursday night’s debate, Donald Trump refrained from the childish bullying behavior he engaged in during the first debate. He didn’t interrupt…as much. He still lied and spread conspiracy theories. He still talked like a toddler but maybe this time, the diaper had been changed beforehand. Republicans are now saying they need to build on the “momentum” from this debate.

A lot of debate watchers and focus groups didn’t just give Trump higher marks than they did for the first debate, many say he actually won. For a lot of Americans, Donald Trump only has to be barely human. Being presidential is not a requirement.

The low bar is too low for me. I want a president who doesn’t spread over 20,000 lies. I want a president who doesn’t tweet bullshit he sees while watching Hannity and Tucker. I want a president who doesn’t give shout-outs to Nazis. I want a president who doesn’t spread conspiracy theories. I want a president who doesn’t retweet crazy uncle conspiracy theories, like Osama bin Laden is still alive and the Navy Seals killed his body double. I want a president who doesn’t torture children. I want a president who actually tries to stop a virus that’s killed over 220,000 Americans.

Pundits gave Donald Trump high praise for his debate performance despite his reaction to his family separation policy losing track of parents to over 500 immigrant children being: “they’re so well taken care of.”

Donald Trump got high praise despite saying he’s for protecting pre-existing coverage while he’s literally in court at this very moment trying to take it away.

He got high praise for saying he’s going to kill Obamacare and replace it with something better, despite not showing ANY replacement plan over the past four years.

Donald Trump received high praise despite saying the coronavirus was going away while it’s actually getting worse.

Donald Trump got high praise despite lying that a vaccine is ready.

Donald Trump was praised despite saying 99.9% of people recover from the coronavirus. That’s a lie.

Trump received high marks for sounding “presidential” while saying that 2.2 million Americans were expected to die from the coronavirus, thus, he saved over two million people. This is not a fact.

Donald Trump was applauded by Republicans for attacking the Obama/Biden administration’s handling of the Swine Flu in comparison to his handling of the coronavirus, though only 12,500 Americans died from the Swine Flu while the Trump Virus has killed over 220,000. It would be more apt if Donald Trump compared himself to serial killers.

Donald Trump was praised for enacting a total ban of flights from China, which he did not do.

Donald Trump was given high marks despite lying that Nancy Pelosi was “dancing in the streets” of Chinatown and that Russia had given Joe Biden $3.5 million.

Donald Trump was given high marks for accusing Joe Biden of wanting to socialize healthcare despite it not being true or the fact Donald Trump doesn’t know what socialism is. “Socialism” is just a boogey word to scare Republicans.

A lot of people think Donald Trump sounded more prepared to be president than Joe Biden, despite the fact Donald Trump displayed that he still does not understand how tariffs work.

People thought Trump won the debate even after saying he was the “least racist” person.

Donald Trump lied about immigrant children arriving with “bad people.” He lied about immigrants never returning for court appearances and he said the ones that did were stupid. He lied about the cages he threw children into. He lied that Obama had separated children as a policy. He lied about funding social security. He lied about his racist border wall. He lied about climate policy and that he made us “energy independent.” Donald Trump lied and said he doesn’t take money from Wall Street.

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale said fact-checking Trump was like being Lucy in the chocolate factory. If you’ve seen that episode, you know it’s the perfect analogy for fact-checking Trump.

Donald Trump has never won a debate in his life and he didn’t win Thursday against Joe Biden. But more importantly, we have to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t win the election.

You shouldn’t need a debate to see that Donald Trump is not presidential. You don’t need to watch him ramble off lies for two hours to see he’s not fit for the presidency. You’ve had the last four years of a Donald Trump presidency (sic).

If Donald Trump was in a debate with a poo-flinging monkey, my vote would be for the monkey.

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