FBI Clinton Notes

Breaking Blackberrys With Brady


I didn’t really have much of an issue with the FBI’s report from their interview with Hillary Clinton other than her breaking Blackberrys. Is it “Blackberrys” or “Blackberries” when it’s plural for the product? Much like with the FBI report I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

A lot of people are making a big deal that Hillary responded with “I can’t remember” 40 times. Most of those were to answers over specific emails she received years ago. I can’t remember emails I received earlier today.

A lot of times I’ll open an email and see it’s really long and I kinda scan it, close it, and move on with my life. A day later I think I should probably respond because it’s a fan and it’s not like I have a lot of those and then I scroll through my inbox trying to find it. It’s brutal. If you’re one of those who sends me those, sorry. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m gonna get a few emails about this paragraph. I’ll at least get one about that whole Blackberry plural thing. I do appreciate that anyone wants to spend time writing me. I just suck. I don’t even like answering my phone.

If you ask me any details about the content of an email I probably won’t remember unless it was about payment or a cartoon reprint. I do that with actual verbal conversations in the real world too. Ask my friend.

The report mentioned that Hillary had staffers destroy her Blackberry with a hammer. Apparently it’s not uncommon to see someone outside the state department destroying a communication device. I’m not clear on how many phones were destroyed. I have an old Nokia stuck someplace in storage from 2003 and it has company from every cell phone I’ve owned between then and today.  There’s stuff on those devices I don’t want anyone to see. Mostly drunk texts. But it never occurred to me that I should destroy them. Probably not a bad idea.

It occurred to Tom Brady. During inflategate he had a ball boy or some locker room minion destroy his cell phone with texts regarding his balls. Brett Favre once had the same issue but that was over a different type of balls.

I thought it might be a fun time to pick on Tom Brady again since the NFL’s regular season starts Thursday and Tom is suspended from playing the first four games. He’s like the Dallas Cowboys all by himself because no one is ambivalent about the guy. They either hate him with a passion or they want to have his babies.

My last few cartoons were kinda heavy and dealt with race issues so today I wanted to take it a little easier. I don’t want my clients destroying the devices they use to receive my cartoons.

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