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I love that Trump cultists complain that President Obama criticized Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and threw a few subtle jabs at him during the national virtual graduation. Republicans point out that presidents rarely criticize their successors, even when their predecessors criticize them. But…no former president has EVER had his successor launch attack after attack the way Donald Trump has at Obama. No former president has EVER had his successor accuse him of a crime (even if he doesn’t name the crime). No former president has EVER had his successors create conspiracy theories about him. No former president has EVER been the source of distraction the way Trump has consistently used President Obama.

Donald Trump and his cult are the biggest whiners in the world. Donald Trump says he’s a “counter puncher.” No he’s not. He’s the first to punch…and usually below the belt. He is a child…a very stupid, racist, petty child. He’s upset he received a counter punch. He’s upset his bullshit gets called out. If anything, President Obama has exercised tremendous patience and restraint with Donald Trump.

Now, Donald Trump says President Obama is “grossly incompetent.” Yet, Donald Trump has taken credit for everything Obama left him from a strong stock market, economy, and low unemployment rates. President Obama inherited a Republican-made recession. He left Donald Trump a Democratic-made recovery. Now, Donald Trump is creating another Republican recession and all the good times he talks about in the past tense were created by President Obama.

President Obama never lost jobs to the the point over 36 million American were filing unemployment claims within weeks. He never ignored a pandemic and lost nearly 90,000 lives. There are no recordings of world leaders huddled together laughing at and mocking President Obama.

President Obama rescued our economy from the brink of disaster. He even left Donald Trump a pandemic playbook. Now, Trump claims he had his own playbook all along, but neither he or Kayleigh McEnany will show us what’s in it…kinda like the charges they accuse President Obama of committing.

After he fires Dr. Anthony Fauci, we can look forward to all the lies Donald Trump creates about him. The question is: Will Dr. Fauci exercise as much patience and restraint as President Obama has when Donald Trump trashes his legacy and reputation? I hope not.

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