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Touched By A President


I looked up pictures of anatomically correct dolls that are used for victims of child abuse to identify where their attackers touched them. I immediately regretted it.

Can you think of anything more horrifying for a child to be put through after the experience of being abused? What probably comes close is being ripped apart from your family and your parents being forced to choose between you and being deported. Add to that, being forced to appear on your own in a court for a deportation proceeding.

According to attorneys in Washington, D.C., Texas, and California, the Trump administration is forcing children as young as three to do just that.

“We were representing a 3-year-old in court recently who had been separated from the parents. And the child — in the middle of the hearing — started climbing up on the table,” said Lindsay Toczylowski, executive director of Immigrant Defenders Law Center in Los Angeles. “It really highlighted the absurdity of what we’re doing with these kids.”

The director also said, “The parent might be the only one who knows why they fled from the home country, and the child is in a disadvantageous position to defend themselves.”

You may get the perception that with this cartoon I am accusing the president of the United States of America of child abuse.

That’s exactly what I’m doing.

Watch me draw.

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