Faith And Freedom

Conservatives’ Prayer


Muhammad Ali was a Muslim, the religion conservatives tell us is so violent and hateful. Meanwhile, Georgia senator David Perdue attended a Christian organization’s event and publicly prayed for the death of President Obama. What a sweetheart.

The senator was speaking at the conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” event when he said, “I think we’re called to pray for our country, for our leaders and, yes, even our president. Now in his role as president, I think we should pray for Barack Obama.

“But I think we need to be very specific about how we pray. We should pray like Psalms 109:8 says. It says, ‘Let his days be few, let another have his office,’” Perdue added.

The next verse, which he did not recite, reads “may his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.”

The conservatives laughed and laughed. They find stuff like making fun of Hillary Clinton’s looks, and the president’s death hilarious. Just the other day many went crazy online with racist comments toward Sasha Obama on her 15th birthday.

A spokeswoman for Perdue accused the media of “pushing a narrative to create controversy.” She added “Senator Perdue said we are called to pray for our country, for our leaders, and for our president. He in no way wishes harm towards our president and everyone in the room understood that.” I suppose that’s why everyone in the room laughed and the senator used a prayer for death.

A lot of conservatives claim they only disagree with Obama’s policies. I’m sure that’s why they get upset over his golf game, claim he’s taking guns away, he was born in Kenya, he’s a socialist, he’s a Muslim, and target his wife for insults.

If you want to end the perception that you’re nothing but a bunch of hateful douches, then maybe you should stop being a bunch of hateful douches.

Creative note: I was googling images and I found a silhouette of the champ on a T-shirt, which I styled this drawing off of. Yes, I actually drew it. It’s obviously a younger version of him.

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