Tech Trouble


Mark Zuckerberg was questioned by 44 senators during his first day of Congressional hearings. Even senators don’t want to talk to that many senators, especially when one of them is Ted Cruz.

But, Zucky did OK. While he was in the United States Capitol, Congress was on his turf. Facebook is a technology and the guys talking about regulating it are still trying to figure out how to set the clock on their VCRs.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch asked Zuckerberg how Facebook can continue to stay in business since it offers its service for free. Keep in mind this hearing was about users’ data being breached by advertisers. Bill Nelson confused smartphones with tablets. Lindsey Graham thinks the difference between Facebook and Twitter is equivalent to the differences between Ford and Chevrolet.

Deb Fischer said she knows that Facebook’s 2.2 billion users are larger than the population of most countries. Good for her for knowing that except, no country has a population of 2.2 billion.

Then there was Brian Schatz who asked if he used WhatsApp to email about Black Panther if it would get him banner ads for Black Panther.

No wonder Facebook’s stock went up during the hearings. Investors may want Zuckerberg to go back.

Creative notes: I didn’t feel a need to cover this issue again, but I had this idea and I just wanted to do it. I usually take Saturday nights off, but I was out of ice cream and there wasn’t anything on TV.

Here’s the video.

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