Endorsing Trump


Newspaper endorsements don’t really help politicians or sway elections. Even endorsements from other politicians don’t persuade voters. What they do is give reason to vote, or not to vote, for a particular candidate and shows the direction the person, newspaper, union, organization, etc.,  wants the country to move toward. A lot of times it’s not as much about the candidate but the positions. At times it’s not as much about the candidate as it is the opponent.

Which leads us to Donald Trump.

During every election cycle newspapers endorse candidates. The endorsements go for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc. Some readers get upset while others applaud. Most readers shrug their shoulders if they even notice. Endorsements are usually voted on by an editorial board which usually consists of the publisher, editor, editorial page editor and various other editors. Basically the most important people running the newspaper are on the board. I have been on the staff of four newspapers during my career and none of those newspapers had a staff where every editor had the same political philosophy. There is not a political agenda mandated by the newspaper. I’ve seen owners of newspapers sit back and watch an endorsement get published they voted against.

The most bizarre thing about Donald Trump is that no real newspaper has endorsed him. Yet, he’s the nominee for the Republican party. That just doesn’t happen. Yes, he collected a few endorsements during the primaries but newspapers usually pick one candidate from each party to endorse during the primaries and then pick against one of them during the general election. Who endorsed Trump during the primaries? The Santa Barbara News-Press, The New York Post (he is a New Yorker and he was running against Cruz who dissed the entire city), The New York Observer (which his son in law owns and disclaimer: is a client of mine), and the National Enquirer which is not a real newspaper. There are more than four newspaper in the United States.

During the general election so far Trump has only been endorsed by the Santa Barbara News-Press (I gotta do some research and find out what’s going on there) and the National Enquirer. That’s it. I’m sure the New York Observer will endorse eventually though one staffer has written a column (which they published) taking the editor to task for supporting Trump.

Usually Democrats pick up more endorsements from daily newspapers than Republicans, but it’s not a huge margin. Republicans have played it to their advantage in arguing that it proves the left-wing media (as if there was such a thing) is against them. Trump and his surrogates of monkeys are making the same argument, but those monkeys don’t fly.

The Dallas Morning News (Disclaimer: Another client) endorsed Hillary Clinton. It’s the first time they have endorsed a Democrat since 1944. They endorsed a Republican against Roosevelt near the end of World War II. How bad do those editors view Trump? They endorsed a guy over the guy who was taking out Hitler. And that’s in Texas. I’m sure other notable Texas newspapers wouldn’t do the same…oh wait. The Houston Chronicle, which is usually reliable for a good-ole fashioned Republican endorement has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

You can argue those are exceptions but wait! The Cincinnati Enquirer hasn’t endorsed a Democrat since 1916. Not since adults were riding ridiculous, giant big-wheeled tricycles and wearing stove-top hats, and wondering if airplanes would ever fly (and if they did, what sort of meals would they serve?) has The Enquirer endorsed a Democrat. They just did. Why? Because Trump isn’t qualified to be president.

Surely it ends there, right? No. The Arizona Republic which came into existence in the late 1880s has never…NEVER….endorsed a Democrat. Never. They just endorsed the Democrat and wrote that Clinton is the only choice to move forward. NEVER! They don’t endorse Democrats.

The Detroit News is another that never endorses Democrats. Never in its 143-year history has it NOT endorsed a Republican. They just endorsed Gary Johnson. Yes, the News would rather support a pot-smoking, tongue-wagging candidate who can’t find Aleppo on a map or name a single foreign leader, as their choice for president.

That brings us to USA Today (Disclaimer: They also run my work). The paper came into existence under Gannett and they own newspapers across the nation. USA Today has always played it safe and they have never endorsed a presidential candidate. They play the middle ground. I always joke with cartoonists that they never run controversial, dangerous, or even opinionated editorial cartoons. Every time they run one of my mine I’m kinda surprised. Lately they’ve really stepped up with their hard-hitting investigative reporting. But they don’t endorse. They just endorsed. Not Hillary but they wrote that Trump is not qualifed to be president. The editorial board couldn’t come to a consensus to endorse Clinton but they all agreed on Never Trump.

If Trump wants to know why this is happening he should ask his running mate, who also didn’t endorse him. Mike Pence endorsed Ted Cruz. He is the running mate for a man who he publicly said is not his first choice. Now that’s an endorsement. I hope when the election is over that Mike finds his money on the dresser.

These editorial boards are not in love with Hillary Clinton. They’re not part of the left-wing media agenda to elect a Democrat and throw the country into a socialist state where everyone gets an abortion and Obama phone with their free school lunch. They just know that you need to go with the most qualified candidate. I share the same viewpoint. I’m more Never Trump than I am pro Hillary. Hillary Clinton has issues and brings problems to the table but she is qualified for the job. Donald Trump is a disaster.Donald Trump is a nightmare we have yet to have. He is the pee in your Cheerios, the Yoko to your Beatles, and the Jar-Jar to your Star Wars. Why endorse a candidate who comes unhinged at 3:00 AM and attacks a former Miss Universe on Twitter and tells us all to check out her sex tape?  Why?

Newspapers are managed by people who went to school. They went to college. They have disagrees. They’re not the elite but they’re educated. You know, the sort who don’t vote for Trump.

Stupid people vote for Trump.

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Another Tablet Sketch: Carly Loves Ted


I made a comment yesterday about Carly Fiorina endorsing Ted Cruz. It was regarding how Fiorina and Ted have run the two most dishonest presidential campaigns this year….so far. Listen to both their comments regarding Planned Parenthood. Egad the lies!

A reader told me she felt a cartoon was coming on the subject. I told her there wasn’t. Carly isn’t really cartoon-worthy anymore. Not at this point anyway. But she and Ted are both worth some drawing practice on the tablet. I mean, look at those faces!

Do you know what the thing is about drawing on a tablet? It’s not so much getting used to the size of the screen, the drawing program, or the stylus. It’s getting used to drawing on glass that’s on top of paper. It’s like drawing with the tip of your pen a quarter of a centimeter above your canvas while you feel like you’re making contact. Yeah, that’s still screwing with me. But I am loving the way the colors are meshing like a real painting. I am hoping to add this technique to my “official” cartoons in the future, after this old dog learns the new trick. Though it will probably add to the time it takes to color a cartoon.

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Trump Looks Under The Hood


Donald Trump claims he doesn’t hire pollsters. That’s well and good because you shouldn’t need a consultant to tell you that you should disavow any association with the Ku Klux Klan. But for Donald Trump that question is a real thinker.

White supremacists love Donald Trump. They’ve been loving the GOP for a long time which is something the party pretends they’re ignorant of. “The Klan who? We don’t know nothing about them. Oh yeah…those guys who were Democrats back in the 1800’s….yeah, blame Democrats.”

David Duke is from my home state of Louisiana. He’s been a national embarrassment for the state since the 1980’s. He’s run for president several times. He ran for governor and almost won. My favorite political slogan came from that race which is “Vote for the crook. It’s important.” His Grand Wizardness was running as a Republican and made the runoff against Democrat Edwin Edwards, a man chased out of the governorship more than once and later convicted of racketeering. Years earlier a journalist stated the only way Edwards would ever be elected governor again would be if his opponent was Adolph Hitler. Duke actually won an election as a state representative but he only served one term.

Duke started his political life as a Grand Wizard in the KKK, left the group but not their values. He’s even taken part in visiting Iran’s Holocaust denial party. Yes, they have one of those annually or something like that. That’s gotta be a lot of fun for a white supremacist to share hatred with Muslims.

Trump didn’t realize being endorsed by Sarah Palin was an embarrassment and came off as a joke. We satirists had a very difficult time making it funnier and more ridiculous than it actually was. Now Trump has been endorsed by Duke, which only sounds like a joke, who said “Voting against Donald Trump at this point, is really treason to your heritage.” There have also been white power robocalls on Trump’s behalf with one proclaiming “The white race is dying out. . . . Few schools anymore have beautiful white children as the majority.” I guess those schools have a bunch of ugly white kids. Who knows. If only all their mothers where white Slovenian supermodels.

Trump says he doesn’t know who Duke is (he’s lying as he made a statement against the guy in 2000), and that he’s not familiar with white supremacists. What? Not familiar with white supremacist? Maybe someone should make him familiar with Wikipedia.

Not being familiar with racist groups was his excuse on CNN Sunday morning when asked if he’d disavow the endorsement. He wouldn’t. But about two hours later (after someone probably told him that being associated with the KKK might seem kinda negative), Trump disavowed the Duke endorsement. He did it in a begrudging manner too like “OK you babies, I disavow, now watch me roll my eyes. Are you happy now? Leave me alone.” Why can’t a guy go out and troll the nation with racist comments without attracting Klansmen? Sheesh!

Marco Rubio says the conservative movement has no place for David Duke, white supremacists, bigots or racists. The Republican party and the conservative movement has spent decades attracting racists and now they want to pretend there’s no room for them? Do they honestly believe racists are voting Democrat?

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