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Even though every Trump sycophant scumbag will be replaced by another Trump sycophant scumbag after they’re fired, I still want them fired. It will be an endless cycle of firing and hiring scumbags. Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, Anthony Scaramucci, Michael Flynn, Stephen Miller, etc. have all been fired and replaced with brand new scumbags. Eventually, every scumbag who is currently on the Trump payroll will be fired and replaced with a new scumbag. Even Jared and Ivanka will be fired at some point and will be replaced by new scumbags.

If nothing else, this constant mayhem and chaos in the White House will obstruct Donald Trump from screwing up the nation. The one thing I don’t want for the newly unemployed scumbags is to normalize the behavior they engaged in while they were taxpayer-funded scumbags.

Sean Spicer’s very first press briefing consisted of nothing except petty lies about Trump’s inauguration crowd size. Other than Trump having a very tiny penis, why was this the most important issue on the very first day of the Trump administration?

On Sunday night at the Emmy awards, Spicy made a cameo to engage in a little self-deprecating humor where he joked about how the Emmy crowd size would be the largest in Emmy history (which is probably more important than any crowd Trump has generated). The audience was totally surprised when Stephen Colbert brought him out, and mouths were hanging wide open.

Afterward, he got to hang out with the beautiful elite people, shake hands, share jokes, and pose for photographs. On Monday morning, he told The New York Times he regretted that first press briefing and for criticizing the media over their accurate reporting over the crowd size. Well golly gee whiz, we’re all good now. Let’s have him over to the party, have some punch, exchange phone numbers, make a lunch date, let him pet the dog.

No. Let’s not.

Last week, Spicer went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Kimmel provided a forum for Donald Trump to look like a human being where Jimmy got to mess up his hair days before the election. He allowed the same for Spicer (the normalizing…not the hair thing). Spicer didn’t apologize and explain himself during his chit-chat with Jimmy. He also talked about how much it bothered him that his integrity was questioned. Really? You lie to the American people and denigrate our greatest freedom and you wonder why your integrity was questioned. I’m not questioning Sean Spicer’s integrity. That’s because he doesn’t have any.

Spicer’s “integrity” didn’t prevent him from lying about stuff he knew wasn’t true, and then scold those who were pointing out the truth.

Sean Spicer didn’t just lie about crowd sizes. He lied about blocking Muslims from entering this nation. He supported Trump’s lie about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. He lied about “millions of illegals” voting. He lied about the Russians meeting at Trump Tower and how it was all about adoptions. He even lied about Hitler. The Hitler lie was the only one he had apologized for.

During this six-month-long bullshitpalooza, Spicer berated the press. He called them “fake news.” He told a female reporter to stop “shaking her head” while he was lying. He supported Trump’s campaign against American journalism and his description of journalists as “enemies of the American people.”

Sean Spicer is complicit, and he brought his own degrading style to the shit-show that is the Trump administration. Just because he’s been kicked out of that party isn’t a good reason to invite to your party.

Shame on Hollywood for normalizing this shit. Shame on the talk show hosts who spent months helping explain just how abnormal this corrupt train wreck is, to suddenly turn around and normalize it. Shame on Jimmy Kimmel for having Spicer on his show and for being so gentle with him. Shame on Seth Myers for palling around with Spicer at the Emmys and doing the photo-op thing. And most of all, shame on Stephen Colbert for including Spicer in his Emmy routine. A couple of these comedians are people who I enjoy watching, and I will again in the future, but I’m not going to forget what they did Sunday night.

Sure, it’s cute to see Spicer downgraded to impersonating Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation of him. The big difference is, McCarthy’s performance is funny and was an impersonation more genuine than Sean Spicer’s press briefings. What isn’t cute is Hollywood elites normalizing Sean Spicer’s normalizing of this entire Trump disaster. Donald Trump doesn’t respect this nation or the freedom our Constitution guarantees. Sean Spicer is complicit with this. Those who were critics of this don’t need to be complicit too.

Correction: I was just alerted that it was Jimmy FALLON who messed up Trump’s hair, not Jimmy Kimmel. Are we sure they’re not the same Jimmy?

Another update: Stephen Miller has NOT left the administration. I was thinking of Sebastian Gorka. Are were sure they’re not the same Nazi?

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