Email Gate

Sleazin’ With Bill


Bill Clinton is a political genius.

Bill Clinton is a student of politics. He failed in his first two attempts at public office but he learned each time and became educated on the art of politics. Then he became governor of Arkansas. And then he lost his first reelection for the governor’s office. And two years later (Arkansas has a messed up system where governors serve two years at a time) he came roaring back, educated, and was the governor of the state for ten years.

When he ran for president he had a rough time in the early primaries but then he came back to win the nomination and eventually the general election and became president. In his first two years he started his health care program, lost congress and generally got beat up politically. Then he came roaring back again.

Bill Clinton played Newt Gingrich and the GOP and ran wild on them. Even losing ratings in favorability while scoring high approval ratings for job performance,nothing could topple Bubba. Despite being impeached he scored high job approval ratings. Bob Dole can tell you about it.

Pundits say the Clintons come with sleaze. They do come with sleaze. But they were trained in Southern politics. You don’t succeed in the South without playing politics and being a bit sleazy. Bill and Hillary are good people and they do want progress for this nation, and themselves, but they can only do it with a little sleaze. It’s the only way they know how.

Even when Bill campaigned in the South for reelection to the presidency he would incorporate a very Southern twang while campaigning in the South. He plays people. He manipulates. He might do stupid thing, but he’s not stupid. The man is the best politician we’ll ever see in our lifetime. Ronald Reagan would come in second. Barack Obama would come in third.

So when Bill Clinton walked into Attorney General Lorreta Lynch’s airplane to talk about grandchildren, he knew what he was doing. He’s not stupid. He was playing her and she, like the GOP in the 1990’s, let herself be strung. Play it, Bubba, play it. When you’re a former president there’s not a places where people say you can’t enter. You’re not just a former president, you’re Bill Clinton. The last president to leave office with a plus approval rating and a diminished deficit. Eat that, George W. Seriously, who says “no,” you can’t enter that room?

It has an appearance of impropriety that Lynch would have a “chat” with Bill while his wife is under investigation by her department. Her defense is “it was wrong because of the appearance it gives. It was a mistake. I wouldn’t do it again.” You don’t have to do it again because Bill only needed you to do it the one time. The “wouldn’t do it again” exuse is the same excuse Hillary gives for her server issues currently under investigation. Loretta will remember her own defense when the time comes, if it comes, to prosecute.

Did I mention Bill Clinton is a political genius?

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Those Damn Emails


Full disclosure: I used to work for Blockbuster and I used to screw with people by telling them they didn’t rewind their DVD.

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Clinton’s Scandalous Email


After 30 years of trying to destroy the Clintons Republicans think they’ll finally get the goods out of some emails? I doubt it. They couldn’t do it with Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, Monica Lewinsky, Hillary’s stock, Filegate, Lost Rose Law Firm Billing Records, Renting the Lincoln Bedroom, Pardongate, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, and anything else Kenneth Starr came up with. Did I forget anything?

No. The email controversy won’t send anyone to prison but it could keep Hillary out of the White House (Donald Trump says she should just quit her campaign now but he’d probably encourage all his competition to just up and quit. Who needs an election?).

I don’t think there’s going to be a smoking gun in the emails but that won’t matter. A majority of voters think Hillary is sketchy, a liar and untrustworthy. That may not matter either. Nobody thought Bill was an honest person and they elected him twice.

There are layers to people. I am among those who think Hillary is sketchy, a liar and untrustworthy. Her biggest problem is that she’s not as good about it as her husband. I also think she has a better vision for this country than any of the other candidates.

Again, to a lot of people the truth doesn’t matter. Benghazi has been clear of anything illegal for a long time now and yet Republicans still want to investigate. How many times have they tried to kill Obamacare (and how many jobs bills has the GOP Congress enacted?).

When it comes to Republicans and truth, think about this: There is all the evidence in the world proving Obama was born in the United States. There is zero, nado, none, nothing, that supports he was born outside the United States. Nothing. Yet, wacko birthers ignore evidence and go with the lie. Being skeptical is one thing. Believing without cause is another. Of course just being a knuckle-dragging moron is an entirely different matter. Now one of them with a bad comb-over is running for president.

I liked this cartoon idea so much that I stayed up super late to draw it. I had just finished my Trump/Immigration cartoon when this idea hit. I don’t even know how I got the idea. It just showed up. It was already 2:00 AM and I couldn’t let it rest. I couldn’t sleep on it. I had to go ahead and draw. I did wait to post it online. I wanted to let the Trump cartoon gain a little internet traction before I unleashed this one on the public. Basically I didn’t want to trump the Trump cartoon.