Hate in an Elevator


There is a current debate within the Republican Party over if they should stop being openly racist, bigoted, immature, and cease all the hateful attacks that make them feel so warm and squishy inside. The more mature members of the party are worried all this transparent hatred will carry over and hurt them in the midterms and believe it would be best to go back to concealing their racism inside their policies and dog whistles.

Maybe some members are afraid their racist constituents are too stupid to catch dog whistles. I mean, they’re too stupid for irony, so maybe.

A couple weeks ago, white nationalist representative Paul Gosar, posted an anime video of him murdering Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He said he was trying to appeal to young people, like Nazi Youth.

Racist representative Lauren Boebert has been on tour doing the same standup routine of accusing her colleague, Ilhan Omar, who is Muslim, of being a terrorist. It’s hilarious if you’re a Nazi.

Bobo tells this story of being in an elevator with Omar (or it’s a colleague in the elevator, depending on which version of Bobo’s you wanna go with), where she says something like “we should be safe because she doesn’t have a backpack,” implying a Muslim would only have a backpack to conceal a bomb.

Can’t Republicans just wink and nod at each other while making it harder for black people to vote without posting anime videos of them killing non-white women?

This is religious bigotry. For Republicans, religious bigotry is OK depending upon the religion you’re being hateful toward. The party’s leader, Donald Trump called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” while on the campaign trail in 2015. He also demanded that all mosques be spied on and some mosques to be shut down. His reasoning for this was that Muslims have hate toward the United States. As I keep saying, Republicans don’t catch irony or hypocrisy.

As president (sic), Trump used the phrase “send them back” in regards to “The Squad,” representatives Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. This became a huge racist chant at his racist rallies. But the thing is, where did Trump want to send them back to? “Shithole” countries where everyone lives in “grass huts?” Other than Omar, who immigrated to this nation as a child, the other three non-white women were born in the United States. All four women are just as much American as you, I, and Donald Trump.

Though, I’m a better American than Donald Trump because I don’t want to dismantle the Constitution, install a fascist dictator, or sell my nation out to Russia.

Donald Trump is a racist and so is the rest of his party. I used to say that voting for Trump didn’t make someone a racist, but that racism is not a dealbreaker for them. Now, I do believe that if you voted for Trump twice, you’re a racist. You didn’t vote for Trump despite the racism, but because of it. Plus, you have been stupid enough to not catch the racism in 2016, but you had four years after that to figure it out. Did you miss when the guy couldn’t condemn Nazis without quibbling?

Now, there is infighting within the party. Representatives Nancy Mace and Marjorie Taylor Greene are fighting over whether or not the party should be openly racist. While Greene has joined Boebert in describing the “Squad as the “Jihad Squad,” Mace wants to limit the racism to supporting Donald Trump and his racist policies.

Boebert and Greene are documented idiots. While they’re yukking it up about the “Jihad Squad” and Muslim backpacks, they’re ignoring that most terrorism in this nation is committed by people who look like them.

White men are responsible for the majority of terrorist attacks in this nation. While Boebert may be afraid of a Muslim with a backpack, that Muslim has every right to worry about a white person with a MAGA cap.

It was white nationalist MAGAts who tried to overturn an election they lost. It was white nationalist MAGAts who tried to destroy our democracy and constitution. It was white nationalist MAGAts who attacked the United States Capital building. It was white nationalist MAGAts who tried to install an unelected orange fascist dictator.

Some MAGAts are deflecting. They’re pointing out that the driver in the Waukesha parade who killed six people and injured 62 others was a black guy who hates white people. But even if he had killed every person in that parade, white people would still be the leaders of American terrorism. Never mind the fact this man’s supposed hatred of white people had NOTHING to do with him driving through that parade. Also, was this a segregated parade or something?

A lot of MAGAts are talking about Jussie Smollett this week and the hoax he’s accused of perpetrating. He’s accused of creating a hoax of being attacked by Trump supporters and claiming a hate crime was committed. MAGAts would rather talk about the fake hate crime than the real ones.

MAGAts would rather talk about the black guy who created a hate crime hoax and ignore the fact hate crimes increased under Trump nationally by 20 percent. They don’t want to acknowledge that in the counties where Trump held rallies in 2016, hate crimes increased by over 200 percent.

They would rather talk about the black guy who created a hate crime hoax than talk about the black guy who was murdered by three white racists in Georgia.

Republicans, including Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Donald Trump have accused Ilhan Omar of supporting terrorists, though there’s nothing like that on record. But, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Donald Trump have each supported white nationalist terrorism…and they’re still supporting terrorism.

The real irony here is that every Republican who supports Donald Trump also supports terrorism. For them, as long as the terrorism is white, it’s right.

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