Election Lie

Democrat Dreams


When I heard the Democrats invited Donald Trump to testify at his senate trial for his impeachment, I was giddy with low expectations.

As a cartoonist, I could just imagine how much material Donald Trump would give me bringing his lies and conspiracy theories to a trial in the United States Senate. Can you imagine him sitting in the chamber talking about how the election was stolen from him by illegal voting machines? Can you imagine him talking about voting machines controlled by the Clintons, Hugo Chavez, and globalists (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) swapping votes from him to Biden? Can you imagine him sitting there claiming he won states he lost?

The only thing that could possibly get me more excited would be if his defense lawyers were Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. And if Rudy’s hair started running down his face while he was farting, I would probably lose my mind.

But of course, no half-assed decent lawyer would allow a liar like Donald Trump to walk into a perjury trap like that. How is it a perjury trap? Because if Donald Trump took an oath to tell the truth, it’s a trap under any circumstances. Even a Trump lawyer isn’t that stupid…not even the ones who haven’t quit yet.

Donald Trump actually wants his defense to center around the lie that the election was stolen from him.

But reality has set in for me.

Donald Trump will not testify. Rudy and Sidney will not be his lawyers. And even if he did testify and came off as guilty as hell without any doubts to it, Senate Republicans would still vote to acquit his lying corrupt ass. And all this cartoonist will get will be adults in the White House behaving maturely and seriously while enacting policies that make total sense. Sad face.

But a cartoonist can still dream. I have been known to laugh in my sleep.

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