Sleaze At The DMZ


I should have started working on this idea as soon as Donald Trump tweeted out an invite to North Korea’s dictator to meet up for an impromptu photo-op at the DMZ. For a nation and dictator still craving legitimacy, I don’t think anyone seriously considered that Kim wouldn’t show up. I’m only surprised he wasn’t wearing bells, or Trump for that matter.

Trump touted the historic significance of an American president stepping foot on North Korean soil, even if he only ventured about ten feet from the South Korean side. Former presidents, Carter and Clinton, have visited North Korea, but this was the first time a sitting president made the journey.

And it was historic, but Trump is a very historic president. He’s the first thrice-married American president. He’s the first president to defend Nazis. He’s the first president to throw his own intelligence agencies under the bus for the word of a Russian dictator. He’s the first president to lie and claim his predecessor wiretapped him. He’s the first president to endorse a pedophile. He’s the first president who doesn’t know how to spell “president.”

Also historic is Trump’s Defense and throwing cover for fascists, strongmen, bullies, and dictators. He claimed Mohammad bin Salman hasn’t been accused by anyone of being involved in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, which is a lie. He continues to defend Vladimir Putin’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election. He claimed Kim Jong Un wasn’t aware of the torturing of American student Otto Warmbier, who was returned to the U.S. in a coma shortly before dying.

Trump gave a summit to North Korea in exchange for a bunch of empty promises. The summit produced a treaty that was empty on conditions. Trump gave Kim a second summit, despite no actions on denuclearizing or ending his brutal treatment to his own people. There was no positive development from the second summit. In fact, it ended early in frustrations for both nations.

Trump claimed everything was great with North Korea because they stopped testing nuclear weapons and firing missiles. Then, they started firing missiles again. Instead of condemning the testing of missiles, Trump tweeted an offer of another photo op with Kim, this time on his soil.

If Trump condemned the actions of these tyrants in their presence before the free press, he would receive unanimous praise and support from Republicans and Democrats. There would at least be a point to these meetings and photo ops other than gratifying Trump’s ego.

While sitting with Vladimir Putin, he should condemn his meddling in free elections, his poisoning on our allies’ soil, and his murdering of journalists instead of sitting ugly like Putin’s poodle.

When sitting with MBS, he should condemn his nation and his involvement in the murder of a Washington Post journalist who was an American resident instead of waxing romantically about their friendship.

Instead of talking about “falling in love” and the “beautiful letters” Kim has sent him, Trump should look Kim in the eye, point a finger at him and condemn his treatment of his own people, his murdering of his own family members, his hacking attacks on movie studios (Siskel and Ebert only gave films a thumbs down they didn’t like), and mostly, for the murder of American college student Otto Warmbier. While betraying the Warmbier family for the sake of a photo op, he’s also betrayed America. A U.S. court handed down a default judgment ordering North Korea to pay the Warmbier family $501 million in damages for the death of Otto. Do you think in his three meetings with Kim that Trump has brought up the judgment?

Dictators who murder Americans should NOT receive visits and legitimization from U.S. presidents. All they should get are condemnations, grief, and scorn. Not only does North Korea receive legitimacy from Trump, but they also promised a check for returning Otto’s comatose body.

Each time Trump offers legitimacy to Kim Jong Un, his own legitimacy diminishes. Trump truly is an illegitimate president.

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Best Marshmallow Ever


Did you know that North Korea has an official Twitter account in English? It’s really difficult to understand. It’s like following Donald Trump’s Twitter.

North Korea celebrated the birth of its founding ruler yesterday, or today. I’m not sure anymore since they changed their time zone from what is internationally recognized. Insanity isn’t just setting your country years behind the rest of the world, it’s setting your clocks back thirty minutes. And you thought Daylight Savings Time was annoying.

Not only is North Korea behind South Korea by thirty minutes, their “Juche” calendar doesn’t recognize time before 1912, the year of the birth of Kim II-sung, the founding leader. So 2017 in North Korea is year Juche 106. Now you know more about North Korea than our president.

While you’re thinking that they’re really nuts with their Dear Leader, crazy times, silly years, massive parades with missiles overcompensating, and you DO NOT want to try the Koryo burger, but keep in mind that’s exactly the type of parade our Duh Leader wanted on inauguration day.

During our election campaign right wing wackos were spreading fear of war between the U.S. and Russia if Hillary Clinton was elected. Those fears were brought up again after Trump launched missiles into Syria. I’ve also seen articles recently about a possible war with China. I’m not worried about either of those hypothetical situations.

North Korea is scary. They’ve been scary for years. What amazes me is that our president scares me more. Trump is launching missiles, dropping huge bombs on caves, and sending what he called an “armada” of ships to the Korean peninsula while tweeting that the DPRK is “looking for trouble.”

This is kinda like high school when the two toughest kids wanted to fight. But in this case it’s the two dumbest kids. Trump seems to enjoy dropping bombs and they sure seem to distract us from his connections with Russia. His son, Junior, likes it too as the spoiled trust fund baby who never enlisted was cheering Daddy Duhbucks on from Twitter.

North Korea believes any strike against them will be meant to topple their government. How does America go to war with North Korea without starting a war? It’s complicated.

What inspired this cartoon wasn’t just stupid Republicans praising Trump for his war mongering, but also many in the media and the left. MSNBC’s Brian Williams described the missiles flying toward Syria as beautiful. Nice job on joining the complicit, Brian.

As President Tiny Penis leads us to Armageddon, I think about everyone who voted for him.

Thanks a lot, fuckers.

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North Korean Barbecue


I needed to take a break from drawing cartoons about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and campaign 2016. A few of my clients will appreciate the break also. I’m going to attempt to make it two cartoons in a row as long as something incredibly stupid doesn’t happen on the campaign trail tomorrow.

The danger of Iran having nuclear weapons is they might be evil enough to use them. With North Korea it’s that they might be crazy enough. It would really suck to watch capitols obliterated because of a Seth Rogen movie. Those things have hurt enough people already.

The richter scale measurement from their fifth nuclear test shows their weapons are becoming more powerful. The biggest concern is their developing the technology to make their nukes small enough to put in missiles, even those fired from submarines.

While North Korea has over 800 ships in their navy they’re so limited that it’s virtually impossible for a ship on one coast to visit their other coast. But can they fire a nuclear missile that can reach Seoul, Tokyo, Honolulu, or even Seattle?

The U.S. and South Korea are ready to deploy an advanced anti-missile system in the South to counter the North’s missile threat. China and Russia both oppose this but screw those guys.

It might be time to look at options other than sanctions and flying U.S. B-1 bombers near the DPRK’s border. The United States removed their nuclear weapons from South Korea in 1991 after signing an agreement with the North to remove all nukes from the peninsula. Some in the South want them to return which is probably a better idea than the one Trump has, which is for South Korea and Japan to have their own.

The world doesn’t need another crazy dictator with access to nukes anymore than we need another Seth Rogen movie.

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