Donald Trump’s Hair

Trump’s Real Hair


Donald Trump has a problem. He’s a liar. He’s the worst kind of liar too. He’s not smart or creative enough to create his own lies, he has to hitch a ride on others’ lies. Remember his entire birther nonsense investigation? He was going to get to the truth of that. He’s going to let us know the truth. Instead he started a presidential campaign and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Trump says he saw “thousands and thousands” of Muslims on 9/11 in Jersey City celebrating the buildings falling down. He even went so far to say they they had tail gate parties. That’s some pretty easy stuff to look up. If Trump had merely said that he saw a bunch of people in New Jersey being jerks then nobody would have looked into it. Trump is richer than most people, but still, most people can afford a television and nobody else in the country remembers seeing what Sir. Hair claims he saw.

I always say your run of the mill conservative has a problem with comprehension. Now I think the GOP’s top candidate has a problem with it. He used a Washington Post article that talked about an alleged story of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11. Trump doesn’t comprehend the word “alleged.” How does that hurt him in the polls? Not at all. His supporters are Republicans.

But really? Tail gate parties? You have to plan a tail gate party. You have to call your friends. Look at the schedule. Buy some brats (if you are a Muslim or Jewish, veggie brats). Assign someone else to make the salad. Make sure the grill is ready and you have charcoal. Hope your favorite football jersey is clean. You just don’t go rushing into tail gate mode because a plane flew into a building. Tail gate parties don’t take people by surprise. You’re not out there in a Jersey parking lot saying “hey, building number 2 just fell down Oh, do you want mustard on that?”

Donald Trump also retweeted that 81% of whites are killed by African Americans. Of course that’s FAR from being true. The tweet even came from a Neo-Nazi source. Go figure. Nazis are just bold enough to say what Republicans actually want to say. But hey, if you can’t trust Nazis then who can you trust?

He also said that a Black Lives Matter protester was “asking for it” after being beaten at one of his rallies.

And for what it’s worth, Trump just got David Duke’s endorsement.

The point I’m making is that Trump is a racist. Why should there be any doubt? Of course, making that point won’t deter Trump supporters. His supporters are racists. If you support Donald Trump, you’re either a racist or a delusional dumbass. I would just put my money on you being a right wing racist dumbass. Yeah, I said it.

There’s talk that the eventual Democratic nominee might win 4o states. I can’t imagine why.

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Comb Over To Kenya


I don’t really enjoy drawing planes and despite that I’ve done it twice this week.

I saw this story a couple days ago and I immediately saw the humor in it. I can just imagine all the birther heads exploding over Obama making a state visit to Kenya. I totally forgot about the issue then was reminded of it today. Thank God because I didn’t want to do another cartoon on Indiana just yet. I’ll probably hit that subject again tomorrow.

“There’s something on the wing” is taken from the Twilight Zone of course. It was on the show, and in the movie from way back in the early 80’s. I figure it’s well known enough to be used in a cartoon. If you’re not familiar with it then you don’t know pop culture as well as I do, or you’re not geeky enough, or you’re just not old enough and you think anything to do with “Twilight has to do with makeup wearing kissy teenage vampires.”

It goes like this in the Twilight Zone: There’s a goblin or some evil such creature on the wing of a commercial airliner and it’s destroying the engines. only one passenger can see it so of course everyone assumes he’s going crazy. John Lithgow did an exceptional job in the movie playing a freaked out passenger losing his mind. In the TV episode the goblin looks like a dude in a dog costume. It looked like Wilfred.

On another topic: Donald Trump is nuts but he’s not entirely stupid. There’s two things I believe. One; he’s not going to run for president. Trump can’t live failing at something and if he loses nobody will ever stop and pay attention while he loses his mind. Two; he doesn’t wear a toupee. The guy is worth billions so he can afford something that doesn’t look like remnants of Cocker Spaniels that were experimented on in a lab for Mary Kay. I’m sure he would go back to the fake hair store the next day and say “this looks ridiculous. Give me the George Clooney.”

Seriously, that stowaway goblin in the Twilight Zone had better hair.