Dog Medal

Never Trumper Hiney Sniffer


I saw a political cartoon this morning drawn by an idiot. In it, he accused Democrats of being upset that the U.S. military killed al-Baghdadi. I’ve seen a few other conservative cartoons kinda sorta insinuate that point, but this one flat-out stated it. What that means is, Republicans were very upset when the U.S. military, under the authority of President Barack Obama, killed Osama bin Laden. Of course, we already knew that. Republicans, including Donald Trump, kept arguing that President Obama didn’t deserve any credit for killing the mastermind of 9/11. Now, they’re heaping praise on Trump for killing Baghdadi, but not as much praise as Trump is giving himself.

Democrats are very happy Baghdadi was eliminated. And politically, we didn’t have to worry about it helping Trump because even before it was officially announced, we knew Donald Trump would mess it up. For starters, we knew Donald Trump would probably spend nearly an hour on the announcement giving himself credit.

And…Donald Trump spent nearly an hour giving himself credit. By comparison, President Obama spent nine and a half minutes and spent the majority of the time talking about the military. Trump spent most of his hour talking about himself. Jimmy Kimmel even did a “mashup” of the two which has gone viral.

Trump further messed it up by not informing key Democrats in Congress before the raid. He didn’t even inform his chief of staff. He did tell Russia, whom he thanked before mentioning our allies because all trails lead to Russia.

Donald Trump also made a mess by giving away too much detail in the announcement and may have revealed classified information that’ll make future strikes more difficult. Why, he even screwed up with the dog.

A dog is one of the heroes of the mission. Before talking about the dog, which Trump said is a canine but he “calls it a dog,” he used “dog” to insult Baghdadi by saying he “died like a dog.” Trump has an issue with dogs.

The military decided to keep the dog’s name classified, but this morning, Trump revealed that, too. Naturally, in a tweet, boasting that the dog will visit the White House. Unfortunately, as this canine, which Trump calls a dog, doesn’t have a say in the matter.

And then…you’re going to love this…Donald Trump tweeted out a photoshopped image of him placing a medal on the dog. Seriously. I mean, if the dog’s on his way to the White House, then why the lie? Is this as close as Trump’s willing to get to a dog?

The real irony here is that while Donald Trump is praising the dog as a war hero, he, his party, and Fox News are denigrating a war hero for continuing to defend our country.

Alexander Vindman, a decorated veteran with decades of service to the United States, testified and contradicted the Trump administration over using military aid to Ukraine as extortion for political favors. Laura Ingraham and her guests accused him of espionage. Other Republicans have questioned his loyalty to the United States.

Vindman, who still has shrapnel in his body from fighting in Iraq, is in another kind of war zone. Republicans are trying to destroy him and his reputation. What he is doing by testifying is still protecting our nation from threats home and abroad. He’s protecting us from Donald Trump.

Hopefully, the war hero dog will continue to protect our nation when he visits the White House. He can do that by biting Donald Trump in the ass. While that would probably be described as hazardous duty and very unpleasant for the dog, it would be deserving of another medal.


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